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The Ninja Bears are Mayor Chubby's hired bodyguards in the video-game Naughty Bear. They are led by Master Miyagi.


Naughty Bear

Ninja Bears are hired by Chubby to act as bodyguards as he runs for mayor. Naughty Bear is angered when he hears that Chubby plans to kill him, and sets out to murder Chubby before he can do that. Unfortunately, Master Miyagi and Ninja Chan are at the Rally where Chubby is located, and will protect him at all costs. However, Naughty Bear manages to kill Chubby and flees back to his hut. The Ninjas probably leave due to failing to save Chubby.

The Ninjas are later captured by the Alien Bears and are put under their control. Oddly, only Miyagi's srudents are there. Miyagi is nowhere to be seen. This is true for the semi-boss bears of most of the other episodes. They are at the Disco. They are rescued by Naughty who kills the aliens.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

The Ninjas will appear in the next Naughty Bear game. Here they resemble Ninjas more than before, with their clothing covering their whole body except their eyes. Master Miyagi will wear the red clothing.

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