Ninja Spy is the main antagonist of the 2014 animation "Rappy "n" Demo: Revenge of Ninja Spy", created by Dr Face.


The story starts of with Ninja Spy going to Gray Gravel Co. to talk with Gray Mann about getting some robots to help him with his mission to get his stuff back from Demo and Rappy. Ninja spy pay's Gray mann and gets the robots the next day.

The Next day Demo and Rappy are captured and brought to a secret base where they are detained by Ninja Spy and Ninja Heavy. Ninja Spy gets the location of the stuff and heads to Hydro. Demo and Rappy escape the base and chase them.

At Hydro, the heavy finds the chest of stuff. Demo and Rappy arrive and then the fight begins. After the fight, Ninja Spy discovers that the chest is full of beer and he gets flung into his car by Rappy. Ninja Spy and Ninja Heavy escape in their car but due to Ninja Spy not watching the road, they both fall of the cliff to their deaths.


Ninja Spy wears a black suit with black shoes and a black mask. 


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