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Yuriko, Otherwise known as Ninjara is a ninja appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles. She is not human but instead resembles an anthropomorphic fox. She serves "an evil shogun with no name" later revealed to be Chien Khan.


Ninjara is first shown reporting to her master after having a battle with the Gosei Ninja. She tells him that oraga's forces are stronger then ever and that all the warring noble families pledged loyalty to him.

Afterwords, she is seen battling the Gosei Ninja and the turtles appear with Renet. She fights the turtles and ninja and is forced to retreat. she informs her master about the encounter with the turtles and Renet. She is forced to bring her back alive.

After she captures Renet, her master asks her about the scepter she carried. She tells him that it vanished and that it will return.

During the wait, Ninjara and her master take Renet into a cave to evade the Gosei Ninja. the turtles arrive and Ninjara is defeated.

After Ninjara's master is defeated, she becomes a ronin. She decides to stay with the turtles and eventually becomes Raphael's girlfriend.

Playmates Toys

an action figure of Ninjara was released in 1994. she was referred to as Shogun Ninjara.

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