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Being an Inquisitor taught me no set-back is too great. When you've already lost yourself, a limb's easy. You know, I was a Jedi. It'd be fun to bring you in. Watch you crack like the rest of us!
~ The Ninth Sister to Cal Kestis.

The Ninth Sister (real name: Masana Tide) is a recurring antagonist in the Star Wars franchise, appearing as a supporting character in the 2017-2018 Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comic book series, and a major antagonist in the 2019 video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The Ninth Sister is a female Dowutin who served as an Inquisitor during the early stages of the Galactic Empire's reign. She accompanied Darth Vader, the Sixth Brother, and the Tenth Brother to the planet Mon Cala to hunt an enemy of the Empire.

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, she is voiced by Misty Lee, who also voiced The Sorceress in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.



A Force-sensitive female Dowutin served as an Inquisitor in 19 BBY. She originally had ties with the Jedi Order before falling to the dark side. As a Jedi, Masana Tide specialized in using the Force to connect with the emotions of others, but the torture and trauma that brought her to the dark side robbed her of that bliss. Shortly after the Empire began its reign, she joined the Inquisitorius program under Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. In the Inquisitorius program, she trained with the Fifth Brother, the Sixth Brother, the Seventh Sister, the Eighth Brother, and the Grand Inquisitor. She trained at the Works on Coruscant.

During her training with Darth Vader shortly after the Dark Lord learned about the Inquisitorius, she suffered severe injuries and had to be tended to by a 2-1B Surgical Droid. While many of the other Inquisitors lost limbs in their training, Ninth Sister actually lost her eye to her new master Vader. Instead, her talents became twisted toward the arts of interrogation and forcing information out of others. She was perhaps the clearest example of the twisted influence the dark side had on former Jedi.

Mission to Cabarria

Later, she accompanied Darth Vader on a mission to Cabaria in the Colonies Region. Vader ordered her to wait outside the bar he was going into while he investigated inside for a family of bounty hunters unless he called her. The bounty hunters had taken a bounty on Vader and soon enough, Vader had had his lightsaber destroyed, only having the crystal surviving. He ordered the Ninth Sister to bring him her lightsaber but she ignored it, staying outside.

When Vader left the bar, the Inquisitor was being held at gunpoint by Ramat Cha, who had acquired and started up a speeder. The family, however escaped, leaving the Ninth Sister there. As Vader walked out of what was left of the bar, he accused her of trying to get him killed to which she denied. She also told him that she did not place the bounty upon his head, saying that maybe one of the other Inquisitors had done so. He then told her to wait there and that if she fled, he would kill her.

Back to Coruscant

Later, she accompanied Darth Vader back to Coruscant. When they tried to transit their clearance codes to land, they discovered their transmitter was jammed. A missile platform then fired on them which Darth Vader was able to evade all but one with his piloting skills. The one that hit the caused them to crash land on Coruscant.

Mon Cala

The Ninth Sister and two other Inquisitor, the Sixth Brother and the Tenth Brother, arrived in Mon Cala.

In 18 BBY, the Ninth Sister went to Mon Cala with the Sixth Brother, Darth Vader, and the Tenth Brother. She showed Commander Ackbar the jurisdiction for her and her landing party to investigate the planet for a Jedi. Behind them, Ambassador Telvar's shuttle exploded with him in it, giving them more reason to investigate. During the Battle in Bel City, the Tenth Brother is killed by the Purge Troopers when Ferren Barr, the jedi who chased him with his fellows comrades Inquisitors, orders to them to execute the Order 66.

The Sixth Brother and the Ninth Sister resist them but, not wanting to die, the Sixth Brother betrays the Ninth Sister as cutting her right leg, to that she buy enough time to that he escape, claming mockingly that she has always his favorite. Enraged, the Ninth Sister swears that she will have her revenge on him. She survives and kills all Purge Troopers (except one who is revealed to survive).

Hunting Cal Kestis

In 14 BBY after, the Ninth Sister succeeds to escape of Mon Cala, learning the Sixth Brother's fate, gains a cybernetic right leg and accompanies the Second Sister to chase another Jedi: Cal Kestis.

She meets him a first time on Bracca with the Second Sister but he succeeds to escape. Later, the Ninth Sister finds Cal Kestis on Kashyyyk, chasing him down with her ship before the ship was seemingly attacked by a Shyyyo Bird. After the Padawan used the creature to reach the Origin Tree, she reappeared wounding the bird and jumping out of her ship to engage in a lightsaber duel claiming that she would be able to kill him quickly. The battle resulted in one of her hands being cut off, however, the Ninth Sister just uses the Force to take the lightsaber into her other hand and continued fighting, while sadistically threatening to turn the young Jedi into another inquisitor which ended with her being Force pushed off the tree branch they were fighting on to her presumed demise.


One gal might be good with a lightsaber. Another could influence even the strongest of minds. Me, though? I'm the sensitive type. I was always good at reading emotions, and now that I'm touching the dark side, I'm even better.
~ The Ninth Sister to Darth Vader.
What's this? A Bracca scrap rat playing Jedi? I told The Grand Inquisitor you wouldn't be stupid enough to show you're face here again. Especially after we wiped out that feeble resistance. [sigh] Love it when I'm wrong.
~ The Ninth Sister upon discovering Cal Kestis on Kashyyyk.
Found you again! [Cal: You're done hurting this world.] I don't know what's got Second Sister thinking you're so important. She likes her souvenirs but... I'm not in it for the memories and honestly... you're not worth my time. So let's make this quick.
~ The Ninth Sister confronting Cal Kestis on top of the Origin Tree.
Being an Inquisitor taught me no set-back is too great. When you've already lost yourself... A limb is easy. You know, I was a Jedi. It'd be fun to bring you in. Watch you crack like the rest of us! (Chuckles) Angers you. Just wait till the isolation! Torture! Mutilation! And your friends...
~ The Ninth Sister proceding to fight despite losing her hand, and threatening Cal Kestis



  • After defeating her, the player unlocks a Database entry about the duel which implies that she survived the fall from the Origin Tree.


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