Ninzam Toth, otherwise known as the "Dark Medjai", is an antagonist from The Mummy: Animated Series.

He was voiced by Michael T. Weiss.



Toth was originally an overly ambitious Medjai. He discovered the "Spring of Evil" which contained powerful dark magic. Toth believed that using the wellspring would make the Medjai unstoppable. However the elders disagreed fearing that it would corrupt the Medjai. Toth went against the Medjai elders and used the spring, absorbing dark energy. With his new powers, he killed the elders and began his pursuit for power. Eventually, he battled with Ardeth Bay who defeated him and caused Toth to become incarcerated.

The Mummy: Animated Series

After years of imprisonment, Toth managed to escape by deceiving the guards. He then attacked the Medjai academy and kidnapped Bay in order to obtain the Medalian of the Medjai which would increase his power. At his hideout, he tortured Bay to get him to reveal the Medalian's location. However, Ardeth remained strong. Eventually, the team of Alex O'Connell and Yanit released him which led to the battle between the Medjai and Toth. After the battle, Toth falls through a large crack in the floor and the Medjai leave. Eventually, Imhotep finds the Dark Medjai and proposes an alliance between the two which would grant Toth, Ardeth Bay. Toth agreed and led Imhotep to the Spring of Evil. They originally intended on using the wellspring to give them more power but then decide to exploit Alex O'Connells overconfidence to lure him to the spring and then corrupt him. This worked until Rick O'Connell persuades the good Alex to overcome the evil much to Toth's surprise. After the O'Connells prepare to destroy the spring, the energy captures Imhotep who yells for Toth's assistance. Toth reveals that the power is too strong, prompting Imhotep to call him an imbecile effectively ending their partnership. Once the spring was destroyed, Toth was sucked in. Toth was not seen until the finale where he and follows the heroes to the River of Truth in which he reveals himself with a scorpion like monster. He reveals that the Spring of Evil took him there. He attempted to steal the boat while the monster distracted the heroes. Alex follows him and attempts to subdue him. Toth insults Alex and damages his confidence. Perceiving Alex as a mere nuisance, he tries to throw him into the fiery water but fails. Ardeth intervenes and tricks Toth into falling into the river which appears to have killed him as he is never seen again.


  • However, as there was a plan for a third season, Toth may had made a return though this is unspecified due to the series cancellation.
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