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Nisha is the main antagonist in Fallout 4's DLC Nuka World. She is the Leader of the Disciples.

She was voiced by Anjali Bhimani.


Nisha is a psychopathic cutthroat, who expresses her psychopathic traits and hatred for porter Gage by stating that if she was his grandmother, she would have slit his throat by now. In the first conversation with the player character Nisha also expressed her hate for colter, and love for the gauntlet.

Nisha also has little respect for rules stating that people stopped caring about Rules when they starting bombing each other. Her only rules was "Don't get caught."

She is only member a that keeps the disciples in line, meaning that if she is left of that picture than the disciples will get out of control in the Nuka world (Location) Nuka World Theme park. Because of this, even Mags Black of the operators completely rejects the idea of getting rid of her, or at least until the right time for doing so finally comes.

As a child, Nisha was originally taken under the wing of a raider named Sledge, who "accidentally" killed her parents. After training and rising, her Sledge at some point left her for dead. However, Hisha survived her ordeal and vengefully Killed Sledge for his cowardice and disloyalty. experience and the reminder of her parents' deaths led her to believe that natural way of the world is cruel and all that matters is either kill or be killed.


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