Nithral is a rider of the Wild Hunt and a supporting antagonist in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He is the first member of the Wild Hunt to be engaged by Geralt.

He is encountered and slain in the mission Wandering in the Dark.


After Geralt and Keira Metz enter an old elven ruin in search for Ciri, they find that the Wild Hunt has arrived there first. As the Wild Hunt has their navigator Caranthir with them, they are able to travel through the ruins with ease, leaving Keira and Geralt to search the ruins for portals in order to get through. However, the Wild Hunt is unable to find Ciri. Once Geralt and Keira arrive, they find that Caranthir and Eredin are gone, with Nithral having stayed behind.

The two engage in a battle with Nithral, who from time to time kneels down to summon Wild Hunt hounds. Geralt has to defeat the hounds quickly, as Nithral regenerates health as long as they are alive. Eventually, Nithral is slain by Geralt who continues to search the ruins with Keira.


  • Once slain, Nithral drops a Wild Hunt warrior's sword, some crafting components and a Diagram: Angrenian cuirass. 
  • His Polish voice actor Piotr Warszawski also voiced Serrit and Eskel in same game series.
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