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Building, always building! Much more fun to take things apart!
~ Nixie grumbles at how much he hates the Mixels.

Nixie is an antagonist in the Mixels franchise. He only appears in the LEGO Mixels: Activity Book.


As befits how he is a Nixel, Nixie is against the Mixels and their creative ways, as seen when he quotes how taking things apart is more fun than building them.

Unlike his brethren, however, he can speak clearly. This feat gives him a clearer personality. Nixie also has a bad habit of whining when he does not get his way.


Nixie resembles every other pointy-eared Nixel, but he has a thick band connecting his body to his ears.


Nixie first appears while grumbling about how much he hates the Mixels. He eventually spies the Mixels arguing about who gets to use a cubit. Seismo throws a temper tantrum. As a result, Nixie is sent flying and burns his behind on Flain's head.

Nixie is sent through more injuries such as being kicked by Kraw, bouncing off Slumbo, crashing into a tree, and getting his body shocked when Volectro catches him with his hair. Nixie gets stuck on his hair, and they stay stuck while the gang tries to pull their bodies apart.

Volectro then decides that Nixie can be his pet after he pries his body off, even giving him his name, which Nixie finds to his displeasure.


No! No nicknames for Nixels!
~ Nixie loses his composure when Volectro keeps him as his pet and gives him his name.


  • Nixie is the only character who does not appear in animation.
  • Nixie is the only minion Nixel who can speak clear English.