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No Heart is a minor antagonist in the video game Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix. He's a data simulation of Xehanort in his armor that serves as an optional boss in the game.


No Heart resembles a knight. He wears a Keyblade armor that has a Nobody emblem on its chest. His armor consists of spikes, feathers on his right shoulder, and a helmet that has a beak shape design. No Heart also wields Master Xehanort's Keyblade in combat.


Nothing is known about No Heart, except that it's the armor of Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix

No Heart appears in the Mirage Arena as a simulation. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Summon Keyblades - Summons and aims multiple Keyblades from the Keyblade Graveyard at the character.
  • Darkness Manipulation - Uses attacks comprised of darkness to combat the opponent.
  • Speed - No Heart can move quite fast, especially when flying.
  • Formchange - No Heart can Formchange its Keyblade into a set of gauntlets, greaves, a pincer, a gun, a shield, or wings that he can use to fly around the area.
  • Time/Space Distortion - Creates either a pool or pillar of darkness on the ground which, if touched by the character, will either slow down their movements or increase their speed and power. If one remains on the temporary pool of darkness long enough then eventually one or more (depending on how long he/she remains on said pool of darkness) of their commands is replaced with "Darkness Outflow" that shoots out a projectile of darkness that does very minor damage to No Heart and follows up with a temporarily random status effect on him/her, though the last "variation" activates the dreaded Doom status on the user, thus avoiding standing in said pools of darkness takes priority during the fight.
  • Dark Flare - Channels dark energy whilst in the air and then emits a huge explosion of dark energy that instantly brings the character's HP to zero (or one if they have the Second Chance ability active) and completely empties their Focus and Command gauges if they can't evade/escape it once it occurs.


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