Noah is the main villain protagonist of the 2014 biblically-inspired epic film of the same name.

He was portrayed by Russell Crowe.


This version of the Biblical Noah is regarded as the darkest version of the character by far. Said to be the first environmentalist by the film director, Noah received a message from God through the shaman Methusaleh, father of Lamech and grandfather of Noah, that the world would end by a flood a few days later. The message commands for him to build an Ark, which he does. Noah then calls all of the animals of the world into the Ark, and puts them all to sleep. Noah had initially thought that God wanted humanity to die out when the flood came, so he tried to keep his sons from getting involved with women so that the human race could die out.

When Na'el, a woman that Ham fell in love with back at a camp established outside the Ark by the humans under Noah's enemy Tubal-Cain, got her foot caught in an animal trap, Noah forces his son into leaving her to die. When he discovered that his daughter-in-law Ila was pregnant after being blessed by Methuselah, he rationalized that if it was a male, he would let it live. If it was a female, he would be forced to kill it so that the human race could go extinct. Ila later tried to escape the madman by getting onto a raft, but Noah burns it before she could get into it. She soon gave birth to twin girls, but Noah couldn't bring himself to kill them. He let them live.

Noah soon found himself in conflict with the film's villain Tubal-Cain, and he and the wicked monarch engage in hand-to-hand combat. A repentant Ham betrays Tubal-Cain and mortally wounds him. When Ila confronts her father-in-law about the reasoning behind why he did not kill her children, Noah explains that he saw the goodness in mankind within them, and he grew to love them when he first saw them.

Noah then blesses them all with the future of mankind, and the film ends with the rainbow across the sky, signifying God's promise to never flood the Earth again.

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