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Noah Dingle is a fictional character and major protagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale.

He debuted in 2004 after being born and departed in 2005 before becoming a regular from 2009 onwards, in which the character would sometimes become an anti-hero/antagonist at times.

The character is portrayed by Jack Downham.


Noah Dingle was born in February 2004 after being concieved by widow Charity Dingle. It is later revealed that Noah's father is Charity's late ex-husband Chris Tate, who had died not long ago in September 2003. At first it was believed that one of Charity's two cousins, local hardman Cain Dingle and beloved chef Marlon Dingle, would be the child's father after Charity had incestuous flings with the pair on seperate occasions following Chris' death; however, a DNA test later disclosed that Chris was the boy's biological father.

A few days after the child's birth, Charity was prepared to sell Noah to Chris' sister Zoe Tate in exchange for Zoe dropping all the charges against Charity for Chris' death - as Chris had killed himself to get revenge on Charity for cheating on him with Cain before his death and Zoe wanted to get justice for her brother. This went against the decision of Cain and Charity's daughter Debbie, as she was determined to get to know Noah despite their mother thinking otherwise. The deal was made, but Charity later bonded with Noah and in the end Zoe allowed Charity to keep him.

In 2005, Charity left the village with Noah after her engagement to millionaire Tom King was sabotaged by his daughter-in-law Sadie King - though Charity did manage to get revenge on Sadie by seducing her husband and Tom's eldest son, Jimmy, into bed and tricked him into revealing Sadie's scheme to the family that included Tom's youngest son Max along with fellow siblings Matthew and Carl respectively. Tom disowned Sadie and begged Charity to take him back, but she refused and left the village with Noah - though Debbie chose to stay with Cain rather than leave with her mother.

In 2009, Charity and Noah resurfaced when she managed to seduce a wealthy man named Michal Conway and planned to marry him; Noah was led to believe that Michael was his real father. However, the wedding ended in faliure after Cain and Debbie confronted Charity to reveal her scheme along with the fact that Michael had been cheating on her with Debbie despite him not knowing the relation between the two. For the next few years Noah settled in the village with his mother as their family antics continued. During that time, Noah witnessed an argument between Charity and Debbie that ended with Debbie revealing to Noah the truth about his real father - Chris.

In 2011, Noah became best friends with schoolboy Jacob Gallaghar and was happy when Charity married Cain's love rival Jai Sharma a year later. The following years saw Charity appearing to spend little time with Noah due to having to get involved in Debbie's antics, such as when her boyfriend Cameron Murray had an affair with her aunt Chas before killing Carl along with his friend Alex Moss and then Chas' half-sister Gennie Walker; in the end, Cameron was jailed until he escaped and later died after being fatally eletrocuted in The Woolpack public house.

By 2014, Noah had begun rowing with his mother after her marriage with Jai collapsed and she proceeded to have a relationship with landord Declan Macey. At first Noah disliked Declan to the point where he forced Jacob to help break into his house, Home Farm, on one occasion. However, Declan won Noah round by buying him expensive gifts and Charity ended up marrying Declan in front of Noah along with Declan's nephew Robbie Lawrson and his mother Megan.

At that point, Noah was told that Charity was expecting to have a baby - though she had an abortion without Declan's knowledge. Charity's efforts to keep the abortion a secret unwittingly led to Noah being hospilatized after he drank wine that contained posion; it turned out that Declan was responsible as he wanted to get revenge on Charity for aborting their unborn child, though he never meant Noah to get hurt as his mother was the intended target. That same year, Noah was present when everybody learned that Marlon's former wife Donna Windsor had died after she killed drug lord Gary North.

No sooner had Charity's marraige with Declan ended in disaster, she spiraled out of control and Noah grows estranged from her again. This soon becomes impactful when Noah begins bullying Jacob and forces him to steal money from the church. He also vandalises the Dingle homestead after writing "Murderer" on the wall, as family member Belle Dingle had recently been released from prison for killing her friend Gemma Andrews a few months earlier. When Charity learns about Noah's antics, she confronts him and promises to spend quality time with him; Noah reconciles with his mother before the end of the year.

In 2015, Noah is upset when she is sent to prison for perverting the course of justice; he is later sent to live with Cain and his wife Moira Barton. As time goes on, Noah looks up to Moira as a mother figure. He is unhappy when Charity has given birth to his newborn brother, Moses - the father of which is revealed to be Moira's nephew Ross Barton as a result of their one-night stand in 2013 which led to the end of Charity and Jai's marriage in the first place.

In 2016, Noah reunites with his mother but remains estranged from her and instead supports Moira - particularly when Moira's daughter Holly tragically dies from a heroin overdose months later. That same year, he is revealed to be the one bullying Liv Flatery online over the fact that her father Gordon Livesy is a paedophile who sexually abused and raped his and Chas' son Aaron Livesy when he was a young boy. Aaron's romantic partner Robert Sugden soon finds out what Noah has done and forces him to stop. By 2017, Noah and Charity are living together once more.

In 2018, Noah learns that Chris' son Joe Tate is related to him and confronts Charity about it; she tells Noah that Joe is his half-brother and also the truth about how Chris died when explaining that Joe wants revenge on the Dingles over his father's death. Noah bonds with Joe much to the disgust of Charity and her family, but soon she finds herself sidetracked when her rapist Mark Bails resurfaces in the village. Charity later reveals to Noah and the family that Bails raped her when she was 14 and sexually abused her into prostituion; Noah initially disbelieves her until Joe convinces him that Charity is telling the truth and was the victim from what Bails did. Noah again reconciles with Charity but has trouble bonding with Bails' son, Ryan, when it turns out that Charity is his mother as well; Noah eventually accepts Ryan after Charity convinces him that Ryan is nothing like Bails. Thereafter everyone supports Charity when Bails is found guilty and sent to life imprisonment for his crimes.

In October 2018, Noah is upset when Joe's wedding to Debbie is cancelled after Chris' stepmother Kim Tate returns and orders her right-hand man Graham Foster to kill Joe in order to get him out of her way; that same way, conman Eric Pollard reveals that Kim had killed her husband Frank Tate and framed Steve Marchant as the sole perpetuator for their illict activities decades ago. In 2019, Noah learns that Jacob has been sexually abused by their school teacher Maya Stepney. In 2021, Noah is hired by Kim's son Jamie Tate to spy on his friend Gabby Thomas when he suspects her of being a golddigger.

In 2021, Noah develops a darker personality when he has a crush on villager Chloe Harris. They begin a relationship to the point when Noah becomes unhealthily obsessed with her, which leads to Chloe dumping him. He also clashes with serial killer Meena Jutla after mistakenly walking into her hotel room. Soon enough Noah attempts to date Amelia Spencer to make Chloe jealous, but they both see through his efforts and Noah reacts arrogantly to their response. It is then he begins stalking Chloe by taking sexual images of her and spying on her with a drone. Eventually she finds out and Noah attempts to make Chloe listen, but is forced to let her go when Charity walks in on the incident. Chloe later reveals Noah's actions to both her adopted mother Kerry Whytt and her boyfriend Al Chapman, both of whom want to report Noah to the police for what he did. Charity defends him but later reports Noah to the police herself; Noah is taken into custody by policewoman Harriet Flinch.


  • During his 2004-2005 stint as a toddler, Noah Dingle was played by Alfie Mortimer in 2004 and Sam Duffy in 2005 respectively.