Raise your voices, brothers! Give praise to the Great 'Guin, who put songs in our hearts and fish in our bellies!
~ Noah the Elder

Noah the Elder is the main antagonist of the 2006 Warner Bros animated feature film Happy Feet.

He was voiced by Hugo Weaving, who also portrayed Agent Smith in the Matrix film franchise, Megatron in the Transformers movies, V in the V for Vendetta film adaptation and Red Skull in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Happy Feet

In the first movie, Noah appears as a tyrannical ruler over his group of emperor penguins, he appears as a rather stressed out, controlling, paranoid maniac who refuses to allow any sort of change or advancements in his land. He was also the leader of his own group of elders of whom usually did nothing more than blindly agree with his every word.

After Mumble brings his new friends of whom dub themselves "Happy Feet" Noah is enraged as he sees them as a threat to his law and order viewing the group as delinquent like fools. After human researchers go onto the penguin's home land Noah appears to change his ways and after the humans leave he is seen among the siege of other penguins in his land dancing during the final musical number of the movie.

Happy Feet Two

In the sequel Noah is a much more minor character and appears far more relaxed and accepts new ideas being brought into his culture and manages to keep his cool even when he and the other penguins lives' are at stake due to the inevitable on coming iceberg.


Noah was a very paranoid and strict tyrant who was constantly stressed and under pressure by everything that was expected of him in the way of protecting his culture. He later becomes far more relaxed however and vastly changes his ways into becoming a much more wise and respectful leader.


Noah is an aged, decrepit emperor penguin who appears to be very tall but with a severe hunchback. His feathers are all rather messy and dirty. He also has small, glossy black eyes.


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