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Nobliss Gordon is a wealthy Mars businessman who finances both the Mars Independence movement and the Gjallarhorn and a major antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

He is voiced by Katsumi Chou in the original Japanese version and by Ian Alden in the English dub.


A public supporter of Mars Independence, Nobliss offered support to Kudelia Aina Bernstein's activism and helped her pay for Tekkadan's services. Secretly, Nobliss conspired to have her killed in order to flare up tensions between Earth and Mars so he could profit off of selling arms to both sides.

After his plan to have Kudelia assassinated by Coral Conrad's Mars Branch failed, Nobliss plotted to have Kudelia killed during the workers riots in the Outer Colonies once she arrived, keeping tabs on her movements through Kudelia's servant, Fumitan Admoss, who was in fact a double agent for Nobliss. However, right as Kudelia was about to be shot by one of Nobliss' snipers, Fumitan had a change of heart and shielded Kudelia from the bullet. Despite Kudelia surviving, Nobliss was satisfied that he had accomplished what he set out to do, spark a conflict between Gjallarhorn and the Outer Earth Colonies.

After Tekkadan became famous following the incident at Edmonton where Gjallarhorn's corruption was exposed, Nobliss continued to offer financial support to Tekkadan and Kudelia's new business, the Admoss Company. However, when Tekkadan and the Revolutionary Fleet began an uprising against Gjallarhorn, Nobliss sided with Rustal Elion and the Arianrhod Fleet, who opposed the reforms McGillis and his followers intended to bring. Using his grip on the media, Nobliss had stories planted to frame Tekkadan as a terrorist organization in order to damage their image in the eyes of the public.

As Orga and the members of Tekkadan made preparations to change their identities to go into hiding, Nobliss learned of Orga's location and sent a team of his men to go assassinate him. Orga would die shielding one of Tekkadan's younger members Ride from being shot by Nobliss Gordon's men while also shooting one of them himself.

Two years after the McGillis Fareed uprising, Nobliss was tracked down by Ride and shot and killed while he was on the toilet in a public restroom as revenge for Orga's death.



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