Noein is an evil entity and the eponymous antagonist in the anime series Noein. Noe in takes the appearance of a white spectral being who appears to be made out of a white glowing energy. He has red eyes and a golden mask as a face.

He was voiced by Richard Epcar.


Noein originates from the Shangri'La time-space. He was once an alternate dimension of the protagonist, Yu Goto, who lost his friends in a car accident, including his love interest, Haruka. Yu tried to find a new Haruka in another dimension but was shocked as he found out that every alternate Yu suffered the same sorrow of losing Haruka. Yu became Noein and planned to converge all dimensions in order to end his sorrow for Haruka by acquiring the Dragon Torque and using it to rewrite reality.

Noein made his first appearance in episode 15 where he appeared before Haruka at her house. He lured her over to him while disguised as Karasu but then was foiled as the real Karasu appeared after he sensed Haruka was in danger. Karasu revealed Noein from his disguise


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