Noel is one of the main antagonists from Romancing SaGa 2.


Noel is one of the Seven Heroes, being one of its founding members alongside Wagnas, who was his closest friend at the time. While Wagnas was the leader of the group, Noel acted as a mediator between its members, having recruited most of them like Dantarg, Kzinssie and his sister Rocbouquet. Despite being a powerful swordsman, Noel prefers to solve conflicts with diplomacy instead of violence, unlike Wagnas who prefers to use brute force.

Upon the Heroes return, Noel moves into the Melu Desert, where he starts investigating the towers of Teretuva (as is revealed later in Rocbouquet's scenario, the towers in Teretuva and Eirunep were an ancient device used to create inter-dimensional portals), leaving his monster minions on watch in the towers while he moved into the Wandering Lake, an oasis which changes its location around the desert. After the monsters in the towers are defeated and the Melu Desert is added to the Empire the player can find the Wandering Lake, which has a ancient building. Inside of it the Emperor finds a desert guard confronting Noel, interfering in the fight to prevent the guard from being killed.

At this point, if the player haven't defeated Rocbouquet yet Noel will introduce himself and propose to leave Teretuva peacefully, keeping with his word if the player accepts and starting a fight if the player refuses. If the player had already defeated Rocbouquet upon meeting him then Noel will get enraged at the Emperor's presence and attempt to exact revenge for his sister's defeat, fighting on his strongest form from the start. Regardless of the player's choices Noel will return again in the final dungeon, along with the other Heroes, who all fuse together for the final fight.


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