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Noel Kluggs is a minor antagonist in the remake of Halloween.

He was portrayed by Lew Temple.


Noel Kluggs was a new prison guard at the Smith's Grove Sanitarium in Warren County. Noel was trained under Ismael Cruz who introduced him to Michael Myers. Noel was easily annoyed by Michael and Ismael's friendship. He threatend to mess up Michael's room once Ismael was gone. He was also warned by Ismael to not touch Michael's masks. Later in the day, Noel's cousin, Kendall Jacks got him to come to the graveyard shift at Smith's Grove to rape a new female patient. Noel thought it would be great if they raped her in Michael's room. Once they arrived in his room, they started to taunt him. Michael did nothing until both Noel and Kendall put his masks on. Michael got up and choked Kendall against the wall. Noel tried to attack Michael and save Kendall, but his cousin was already dead. Michael focused on attacking Noel and bashed him against the walls until he died. Michael left his room paying no attention to the female patient, making her one of the few people to cross his killing path without getting hurt.


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