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Noel Winters

Noel Winters

Noel Winters is the secondary antagonist in the 2009 film Harry Brown.

He was portrayed by Ben Drew.


Noel is the leader of a gang of criminals (known locally as "hoodies) and is the most psychotic, sadistic, and corrupt of them all. He expresses sociopathic behavior and misogny, often abusing women as a sexual thrill while also engaging in regular acts of brutality, many of which he films on his phone.

Living in a destructive and violent housing estate, Noel and his gang regularly abuse army veteran Leonard to the point that the old man tries to fight them with a bayonet. This results in the gang overpowering and killing him, whilst filming the death on one of their phones. Noel goes as far as defiling Leonard's body by urinating on it.

This murder prompts another war veteran and a close friend of Leonard's, named Harry Brown, to go after the gang. He steals a supply of guns from an insane drug dealer known as Stretch and kidnaps a young gang member known as Marky in order to lure Noel and another gang member into a gunfight. Marky and the unnamed gang member are killed but Noel escapes unharmed.

Later, during a riot at the housing estate, Noel is shown to be hiding with the aid of his uncle, Sid Rourke, who proves to be just as much of a psychopath as his nephew is and overpowers Harry when confronted by him. Noel begins choking a police inspector named Alison Frampton after she is badly hurt during the riot, demanding that she look at him as she's dying. Harry, despite being badly beaten by Sid, manages to pull out a concealed gun and shoots Noel in the neck, causing him to choke on his own blood before dying seconds later. Ironically, Alison is the last thing Noel sees before succumbing to his gunshot wound.


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