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Who dares oppose Nominatus, viral sensation and destructor of worlds?!
~ Nominatus

Nominatus is the main antagonist of Sonic Boom's episodes "Let's Play Musical Friends" and "Nominatus Rising". He pretends to be a friend of Dr. Eggman only to betray him and reprogram all of his bots in order to destroy all life forms.


Let's Play Musical Friends

Nominatus appears as a new friend of Dr. Eggman in chat. Foolishly, Dr. Eggman fires his henchmen Orbot and Cubot and explains his lair's security to Nominatus. When Eggman was offline, he hacked Eggman's system and reprogrammed all bots and the base's security, which was noticed by Orbot and Cubot who were using Tails's computer. They then tried to warn Dr. Eggman only for Nominatus to attack them through the base's lasers, making all Eggman, Orbot and Cubot escape.

Then they ask help of Sonic and his friends to restrain the bots sent by the virus while Orbot and Cubot hacked into the network modelled by Virus as a video game in order to delete him. As the robots reach Nominatus, he challenges them to a battle, but as both of them are weaklings, they try to choose whom to fight by their play "Rock, Donut, Thursday" which confused the virus as it was illogical. Noticing his weakness against the illogical statements, Orbot and Cubot continued their game which confused Nominatus to the point where his head exploded.

Nominatus Rising

Nominatus and his minions return for revenge, only this time they transport into the real world and take over the village using Tails' new invention.



  • He is the second real threat in Sonic Boom, besides Dr. Eggman.
  • He can be seen as a nemesis of Orbot and Cubot which is unusual as they are secondary antagonists, but still they are the ones who opposed him, challenged him and defeated him, and it appeared that he could even not know about the main hero, Sonic the Hedgehog.


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