All that fancy armor, and you're just a scared, little boy!
~ Nomura showing her arrogance while taunting Jim Lake Jr.

Nomura, or Ms. Nomura, is a supporting antagonist-turned-protagonist in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, being a major antagonist-turned-protagonist in Trollhunters and a cameo character in 3Below.

She is a Changeling troll who swapped places with a familiar, sent by Gunmar to spy on the human would while being disguised as a woman, and a member of the Janus Order conspiring to break Gunmar free from the Darklands. However, after being tortured by Gunmar for his sick pleasure, she finds the value of friendship and helps the Trollhunter, Jim Lake Jr, defeat Gunmar once and for all. She is also Draal's love interest.

She is voiced by Lauren Tom.




Nomura was known to be sadistic and intimidating. She often taunted her enemies before finishing them off, which was proof of her arrogance. For example, she tells Jim that she is just a scared boy while preparing to kill him, only for Jim to point out that her arrogance can get her killed as he causes her to be overrun by Goblins. She was willing to free Gunmar no matter the cost, despite the fact that he sees Changelings as inferior to him.

However, in her own words, Nomura reveals to Jim that Gunmar had her "tortured for entertainment". After this, she loses all hope of herself, covering herself in despair and that she is meaningless. When she and Jim are freed by the latter's friends, she leads them through the Darklands, but became willing to hold off the Gumm-Gumms so they can escape. After Draal rescues her, she finds the value in having friends, and discovers that there is still hope in the world.

Following her experience in the Darklands, Nomura loses all respect for Gunmar completely, and she and Stricklander do secret training to increase Jim's violence by making him inhale Grave Sand so he could kill Gunmar because the latter doesn't fight fair, believing that Jim's humanity will eventually kill him. After Blinky points out that their way of training is wrong, Nomura eventually fully redeems herself and fights off against Gunmar's forces during Morgana's Eternal Night, and leaves to find a new Heartstone in New Jersey with her friends after Gunmar and Morgana are defeated and the Eternal Night is vanquished. Despite this, Nomura still retains her sarcastic personality, as shown when she tells Toby that she still doesn't like him, even though she is clearly smiling and giving him a hug before leaving, which means that she does miss him.


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