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The Nomus (also known as Artificial Humans) are mindless soldiers affiliated with the League of Villains in My Hero Academia. They were created by All For One and Dr. Kyudai Garaki by reviving dead humans and augmenting them with multiple useful Quirks.


The Nomus have masculine humanoid appearances, notably having exposed brains. They have various unnatural skin colors such as blue, yellow or black. They usually wear jeans as their only clothing. While low-tier Nomus are meant to be expendable foot soldiers, the higher-tier Nomus are very high in both power and durability, enough for even the strongest of heroes to struggle when fighting them. Most high-tier Nomus have the Super Regeneration Quirk to protect them from potentially lethal attacks, but Quirks such as Endeavor's Hellfire are strong enough to permanently destroy them.

The High-End Nomus in Garaki's lab.

After test subjects are revived into Nomus, their original personalities are erased as they are turned into mindless, animalistic slaves who follow the orders of their superiors. However, higher-tier Nomus have sapience and retain parts of their former personalities.


  • Super strength (Power)
  • Super Regeneration
  • Muscle Augmentation
  • Shock Absorption
  • Teleportation (Warping, Warp Gate)

Known individual Nomu


A powerful and muscular Nomu under the control of Tomura Shigaraki during the U.S.J. attack. He was created to be stronger than All Might and had lots of Quirks to enhance his durability, but the latter was able to defeat him, leaving the police to arrest the Nomu. It is later shown that he used to be a petty street thug before being bio-engineered and given the Quirks of four other people.

Chainsaw Nomu

A many-armed Nomu under the control of Dabi who appears in the Forest Training Camp Arc. His Quirk, Tool Arms, gives him multiple limbs with hands replaced by chainsaws, hammers and drills. He was sent to attack Momo Yaoyorozu and Yosetsu Awase, but the latter managed to weld a tracking device to the Chainsaw Nomu's back, allowing the Heroes to locate the villains' locations and detain all the Nomus.

Hosu Nomu

A trio of Nomu consisting of a black muscular Nomu lacking eyes and a top jaw, a pale four-eyed Nomu and a yellow Nomu with a respirator mask stitched to its face and pterodactyl wings.

  • The four-eyed Nomu was the most powerful of the three, having Quirks such as Muscle Augmentation, Absorption and Release and Tongue Web. It was eventually detained and arrested by Endeavor's sidekicks.
  • The eyeless Nomu had the Super Regeneration Quirk which enabled it to regenerate lost limbs, but was killed when Endeavor burned its head.
  • The winged Nomu has a pair of wings allowing it to fly. It captured Izuku before being paralyzed and killed by Stain in order to rescue the worthy hero-in-training. Horikoshi hints in an omake that the winged Nomu's former identity is Tsubasa, the winged boy who was friends with Katsuki in the past and the doctor's grandson.


Codenamed "Hood" for the large fleshy hood that covers his head, he is the first High-End Nomu to appear on-screen, sometimes known simply as "High-End". Bloodthirsty and obsessed with fighting, Hood fights Endeavor to duel against a strong Hero. He is intelligent enough to come up with strategies and speak coherent sentences. Endeavor mutilates Hood's body numerous times throughout their fight, but the Nomu is able to regenerate his entire body in seconds, even if only his head remains alive. Although Hood severely wounds Endeavor and even leaves him permanently scarred, thanks to Hawks' help, Endeavor is able to kill the High-End Nomu for good. It is later revealed that Hood used to be a cage fighter before his transformation.


One of Dr. Garaki's utility Nomu. Johnny has the Warping Quirk, which Garaki uses to teleport. Johnny was killed when Mirko crushed him with a door.


Another of Dr. Garaki's utility Nomu, Mocha has the Double Quirk sampled from Twice, used to create duplicates of his master to divert suspicion from the real one. He sacrificed his life to protect Garaki from Mirko's attack.


In the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, it is revealed that Kurogiri is a Nomu, created from Shota and Hizashi's deceased friend Oboro Shirakumo. His Quirk, Warp Gate, is an artificial hybrid Quirk using Oboro's original Cloud Quirk as the base. Kurogiri is the most sapient of the Nomus, retaining enough of his humanity to genuinely care about Tomura beyond any form of brainwashing. He later recovers a part of his old self to deliver a message to his former friends.


A female High-End Nomu with hair and breasts. Her known Quirks include Liquefy and Rupture, which she combines to fire liquids from her body. She is one of the most intelligent Nomus, being able to identify Quirks (such as finding out that Eraser Head was suppressing her Quirks) and knowing how to evade them.

Other Nomus

A group of gigantic High-End Nomu created in Kyudai Garaki's lab. While Hood managed to reach a state of completion, the others needed lots of time to stabilize so they were kept in their tubes. When Mirko broke into the room where the High-Ends were stored, Dr. Garaki had to release them in their unstabilized state as a last resort to fight Mirko and the other heroes. Known members include:


  • "Nomu" (脳無) means "brainless" in Japanese.
  • Dr. Garaki states that he picks reckless and violent people to become test subjects to turn into Nomus. It is presumed that he makes this selection so that they will not hesitate to fight and kill even if their original natures are not completely erased. This is supported by how the original Nomu and Hood were originally a criminal and cage fighter respectively. This may also explain Kurogiri's gentler nature, since his previous identity Oboro was friendly and selfless.
  • Several of the Nomu have the Super Regeneration Quirk, and all of them have black skin. This may imply that a Nomu's skin color is an indication of the Quirks that they have, or the black material of the skin itself gives the Nomus this Quirk.
  • Two of the most powerful Nomu, the original Nomu and Hood, share Tsuguo Mogami as their Japanese voice actor, also shared with Mr. Compress.

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