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Noob Control is a Halo: Reach clan founded and led by Trent Donnovich and an antagonist group in season 5 of Arby 'n' the Chief.


Noob Control was founded at some point by Trent Donnovich. Claire later became a member after she started dating Trent.

Cody Hammond and Cameron Jones were recruited into the clan to serve as security for Trent's wedding with Claire. Brian, a Bungie executive, also became affiliated with the clan as well after he was hired by Trent to be the pastor for the wedding.

When Master Chief and Arbiter stormed the wedding to inform Claire of Trent's adultery, the first members they confronted were Jones and Hammond, who were guarding the entrance. After fragbanning both of them, the two took control of a Warthog and rode it inside the area where the wedding was taking place.

After getting down to snipe and fragban Brian, Master Chief got back up on the turret and used it to mow down all of the wedding guests. After Arbiter informed Claire of Trent's cheating on her, Trent's sisters Brittany and Victoria Donnovich appeared piloting a Falcon and destroyed Arbiter and Chief's Warthog, but were shot down by Chief with a Spartan Laser, in a crash that also killed Trent Donnovich, albeit not permanently, as he had not been directly killed with fragban.

Trent quickly respawned and picked up one of the guns Arbiter and Chief had used for fragging, caused him to gain control of the fragban hacks as well. Cody, Cameron and Donnovich sisters returned as well, having been unbanned by Brian. Before they could finish off Chief and Arbiter however, Greg appeared and fragbanned most of them save for Trent, who was killed by Arbiter.

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