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Villain Overview

Fear me!
~ Noob Saibot
We share blood. But we are not brothers.
~ Noob Saibot to Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat (2011).
Kronika said I would lead the New Era's deadliest clan. But she made such promises to many. She could never keep them all. So I betrayed her, before she could betray me. When Kronika's sands fused with my shadows, my ambitions grew. Why be a ruler of mortals, when I could rule destiny itself? Mortals resisted, but could not stop, my blanketing history in cold, endless night. All is dark. All are shadows. I have had many names. Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.
~ Noob Saibot in his Mortal Kombat 11 ending.

Bi-Han, previously known as Sub-Zero, and currently known as Noob Saibot, is a wraith Lin Kuei warrior from the Netherrealm and a major antagonist in the Mortal Kombat fighting games series.

He is the older brother and archenemy of Kuai Liang (aka Sub-Zero).

He is the titular main protagonist of Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero, an anti-villain in the first Mortal Kombat game, a minor antagonist in Mortal Kombat II, a major antagonist in Mortal Kombat 3, 4 and Armageddon, the secondary antagonist of Mortal Kombat: Deception, and a supporting antagonist in Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat 11, and a minor antagonist in its DLC Story Mode, Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath.

Noob Saibot is played by Daniel Pesina in Mortal Kombat (as Sub-Zero) and Mortal Kombat II and by John Turk in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (as both Noob and Classic Sub-Zero) and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (as Sub-Zero). In Mortal Kombat 3, Noob Saibot is a palette swap of Kano (who is played by Richard Divizio).


Noob Saibot is a ninja wraith and a recurring combatant within the Mortal Kombat franchise. Originally a secret character in Mortal Kombat II as a straightforward palette swap, Noob's appearance, backstory, and special moves have evolved over the course of the franchise. Risen from the Netherrealm, he served within the Brotherhood of the Shadow, a dark cult centered around the fallen Elder God Shinnok. During the events of Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, he served Outworld emperor Shao Kahn. In any case of his masters were believed to be perished within the events of Mortal Kombat: Deception, Noob began a search to dominate Netherrealm (with assistance from a reprogrammed Smoke).

Later within the Mortal Kombat series, it had been revealed that Noob is the corrupted reborn identity of Bi-Han, the first Sub-Zero (and elder brother of the present Sub-Zero) who was killed by Scorpion. Playable as Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, he has most of the equivalent moves because of the younger Sub-Zero.


Noob Saibot in the original games was just a palette swap of Scorpion and Sub-Zero but all black. But over the years his design has become somewhat more unique traits, though he has still mostly remained the same.


Even before being transformed into Noob Saibot Bi-Han was already shown to be cold and ruthless. Unlike his younger brother, Kuai Liang Bi-Han was less compassionate and willing to kill his enemies without a second thought. He was also loyal to the Lin Kuei taking on any task the Grandmaster assigned him no matter how dangerous or how evil the person he was working for was. Bi-Han was also shown to only be interested in making money using the excuse to Raiden that "I was just earning my living," after he helped Quan Chi get Shinnok's amulet back. He also only entered the tournament to claim the large bounty on Shang Tsung. Originally though Bi-Han also had some heroic traits showing regret for helping Quan Chi after being scolded by Raiden and going into the Netherrealm to get it back.

After being resurrected as Noob Saibot Bi-Han essentially becomes a worse version of himself. He is even more ruthless and cold and completely lacks any empathy and is willing to commit heinous crimes just for his master's endgame. After being freed from his master's control he also continues to fight for the side of evil despite that.

His personality is expanded on in the rebooted timeline where he is shown to be even worse than depicted in the Original Timeline. He had an extreme hatred for the Shirai Ryu clan being complicit in Quan Chi framing up and vocally rejecting the idea of peace between them. He also insults the undead Scorpion's clan right in front of him leading to his ultimate downfall.

As Noob Saibot, he is shown mostly the same as his original timeline, though in the case of it though with more dialogue more information about Noob's personality is shown. Noob is shown to embrace his path admitting to Kuai Liang that his new path suits his purposes. He is also shown to be arrogant believing himself to be a perfect creation from Quan Chi and that nobody can stand up to him. He also grows a deep hatred for his brother Kuai Liang outright saying that they are no longer brothers and personally wanting to take him out on a few occasions. In 11, he also displays signs of being sexist as seen during some of his interactions with Frost. Despite this, he does show that he may still have some fondness for his brother as he admits to Frost that Kuai Lang would make a better Grandmaster than her.

Powers and Abilities

Noob Saibot as the Netherrealm's ruler.

As Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot possessed mastery over the element of ice, even more so than his younger brother. He proved able to flash freeze opponents by touching them, freeze them to the point where they are brittle enough to shatter, and freeze the air itself by concentrating his ice powers into one destructive blast. He is also much stronger, faster, and tougher than most humans; being powerful enough to rip out someone's spine and rip them in half.

After becoming Noob Saibot, his powers revolved around shadow and phantom aspects. He can use his shadow powers to render himself invisible, teleport, and increase and decrease the effectiveness of the powers of both himself and others limitless. Noob's phantom powers allow him to remove and control another combatants powers with use of a projectile attack, lift them into the air with doppelgangers of himself (Dubbed Saibot), and possess others. Noob also makes great use of shuriken, which he seems to have an endless amount of and in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, wielded a warhammer-like weapon in combat.



  • Sub-Zero/Kuai Liang (younger brother)

Current Allies

  • Smoke (MIA)
  • Lin Kuei
  • Old Cyrax (formerly)
  • Old Sektor (formerly)
  • Havik (killed by Scorpion in MKX comics)
  • Old Skarlet (died from her wounds in MKX comics)
  • Revenants
  • Revenant Kabal (MIA)
  • Revenant Kung Lao (destroyed by Fire God Liu Kang)
  • Revenant Liu Kang (assimilated with Fire God Liu Kang)
  • Revenant Kitana (destroyed by Fire God Liu Kang)
  • Revenant Jade (destroyed by Fire God Liu Kang)
  • Goro (soul taken by Shang Tsung in DLC)
  • Old Baraka (killed by D'Vorah in MKX game)
  • Old Kano
  • Black Dragon
  • Kollactor (MIA)
  • Young Skarlet (MIA)
  • Rain (MIA)
  • Tanya (MIA)
  • Frost
  • Motaro (killed by Raiden in MK9)
  • Old Kintaro (killed by Sonya, Cassie and Jacqui in MKX comics)
  • Chaosrealmers
  • Mileena (killed by D'Vorah in MKX game)
  • Baraka (killed by D'Vorah in MKX game, revived in MK 11)
  • Shao Kahn (killed by Raiden and the Elder Gods, revived in MK 11)
  • Shang Tsung (returns in DLC for MK 11)
  • Sareena
  • Shinnok
  • Shadow Assassins
  • Tekunin
  • Quan Chi (killed by Scorpion)
  • Revenant Sindel (MIA)
  • D'Vorah (MIA)
  • Triborg (MIA)
  • Tremor
  • Young Erron Black
  • Red Dragon
  • Daegon
  • Onaga
  • Geras
  • Kronika
  • Young Cyrax (from the past)
  • Young Kabal (from the past currently MIA)
  • Young Kano (from the past)
  • Young Sektor (from the past)
  • Young Kintaro (soul taken by Shang Tsung and used as a fatality)

Former Allies

  • Young Baraka
  • Tarkata
  • Shokan
  • Reptile
  • Ermac
  • Saurian
  • Old Erron Black

Current Enemies

  • Old Sub-Zero (archenemy)
  • Old Scorpion
  • Lin Kuei
  • Fujin
  • Kitana Kahn (young Kitana from the past current leader)
  • Old Sonya Blade (sacrificed herself)
  • Raiden (currently retired mortal advisor to Liu Kang)
  • Old Johnny Cage
  • Old Kenshi Takahashi (soul stolen by Shang Tsung in DLC)
  • Special Forces
  • Old Jax Briggs
  • Kotal Kahn (former leader)
  • Jade
  • Erron Black (MIA)
  • Reptile (MIA)
  • Shokan
  • Saurian
  • Ferra and Torr (MIA)
  • Ermac (soul taken by Shang Tsung in DLC, the sorcerer can change into him)
  • Young Earthrealm heroes (from the past)
  • Young Johnny Cage (from the past)
  • Young Sonya Blade (from the past)
  • Young Jax Briggs (from the past)
  • Young Scorpion (from the past, current leader of the Shirai Ryu)
  • Young Sub-Zero (from the past)
  • Young Liu Kang (from the past, currently a god)
  • Young Kung Lao (from the past, current leader of the shaolin monks)


Join me again in death.
~ Noob Saibot vs Jax.
I taught him to embrace death.
~ Noob Saibot to young Jax about Revenant Jax.
You have lost so many. Join your comrades in hell.
~ Noob Saibot saying Sonya and the dead soldiers will go to the Netherrealm.
That name died with my body.
~ Noob Saibot after Sonya mentions he was the first Sub-Zero.
Death knocks at your door.
~ Noob Saibot after Sonya says she is not afraid.
Still trading on my name?
~ Noob Saibot telling his brother he didn't willingly give up his old name.
It also has your friend Smoke.
~ Noob Saibot reminding Sub-Zero that Smoke is still a revenant in the Netherrealm.
The White Lotus are finished.
~ Noob Saibot telling Liu Kang the future of the White Lotus.
You will be queen of the damned. There is a dark mark upon you.
~ Noob Saibot telling Kitana her future which she does not believe.
You are a sinful monk.
~ Noob Saibot speaking the truth about Kung Lao's pride
Shao Kahn hides his best magic from you.
~ Noob Saibot telling Skarlet the truth about Shao Kahn.
And her soul is mine.
~ Noob Saibot telling Jacqui how he has her mother's soul after she died.
Recognize me, little brother?
~ Noob to his brother, Kuai Liang
Quan Chi unleashed your vengeance. Without him, you are weak!
~ Noob before facing Scorpion
You lost to me at your temple Fujin. Now Kronika has made me even stronger.
~ Noob to Fujin


  • Since there were no ninjas in Mortal Kombat 3, Noob Saibot ended up as a black version of Kano.
  • Noob Saibot's original head rip fatality is very iconic and famous, it was voted as the best Mortal Kombat fatality on Screwattack's Top 10 list of Mortal Kombat fatalities.
  • Noob Saibot's name is a reversal of series creators Ed Boon (Noob) and John Tobias' (Saibot) names.
  • Noob Saibot appeared as a playable character in The Grid.
  • In his ending for Mortal Kombat 11, Noob Saibot final lines are a reference to the real-life physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer. In particular, the line references his famous statement after the detonation of the first atomic bomb, which he helped create.


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