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Noodlehead is a one-time character from Powerpuff Girls Z, the anime version of The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "The Way of the Noodle". He is a bowl of noodles, created by a chef known as Master Noodle. The bowl of noodles was brought to life by Black Z Rays, which turned him into an evil little villain, bent on teaching the world "The Way of the Noodle".


Master Noodle served one of his customers a bowl of noodles at his restaurant. A Black Z Ray came in and struck the bowl of noodles, bringing it to life. Noodlehead screamed and ranted at his customer, for using too much vinegar on him, telling him that he was not eating noodles the right way.

Noodlehead fled the restaurant and ran rampant around town, invading multiple noodle restaurants and forcing their customers to eat noodles the way he considered to be correct. Noodlehead happened to go to the same restaurant as The Powerpuff Girls, where he praised Buttercup for eating her noodles plain and shamed Blossom and Bubbles for putting so many spices on their noodles. Blossom and Bubbles got annoyed with Noodlehead and considered his interruption of their lunch to have ruined their whole meal.

Afterward, Noodlehead continued to ruin people's meals, restaurant after restaurant, even forcing people to eat noodles instead of anything else. This got him kicked out of a bunch of places and rose enough of a ruckus to land him on the radar of Poochie. Poochie contacted The Powerpuff Girls, warning them about the chaos being caused by Noodlehead.

The Powerpuff Girls fought with Noodlehead and Noodlehead kept shoving his noodles into the mouths of the girls, forcing them to eat more noodles, even though they were all full. He started to make the girls get fat and eventually, they could barely take any more. All three of them were just about to give up when Master Noodle came in, having seen Noodlehead on the news. Noodlehead looked up to and worshipped Master Noodle like he was some kind of an idol to him. Master Noodle told Noodlehead that the way he was acting wasn't good. Everyone had the right to enjoy noodles in their own ways. This got Noodlehead to start crying to Master Noodle like a child, crying to his father and he apologized to everyone he tortured with The Way of the Noodle.

Noodlehead eventually changed his forceful ways and became a nicer guy. He worked alongside Master Noodle in his restaurant, where they happily made noodles for their customers and allowed them to eat their noodles in any way they pleased. They added all sorts of new styles of noodles to the menu, while still keeping the original. Noodlehead also became friends with The Powerpuff Girls and they all lived happily ever after.