Noodles is an ice ogre and minor antagonist in the Skylanders games.

He was voiced by Alex Ness.



Noodles first appeared in the level, "Glacier Gully", where he first appeared worshipping the Great Evil Ice Master (which is actually Ermit's Arkeyan Conquertron) after the Skylanders melted a block of ice that was for his master. He later reappeared at the end of the level after Machine Ghost took control of his body. He asked his master for his evil wishes but was then punched by Machine Ghost.

Trap Team

Noodles make his reappearance in the expansion pack, "Nightmare Express", where he attacked Flynn and took the Trolly Grail for himself. He then owed the Skylanders a giant scary troll trank and got away on the Nightmare Express. The Skylanders chased after him on the train and battled his minions. At the ending, Flynn threw a rock at his head, causing him to pass out. His fate after that was unknown, although he probably died on the Nightmare express as it drove off the end of the track.


Noodles is a fat green cyclops with two eyes. He has a short black Mohawk and wears only blue gloves and boots, black pants, and a diamond embedded sash around his body.


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