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We could have killed you. [...] You still hear his screams? I hear them every night. Yeah... yeah, that little bitch got what he deserved.
~ Nora during her fatal confrontation with Ellie, reflecting on her lack of remorse for Joel's death
I'm fucking dead anyway, why would I tell you anything? Think about what he did. How many people are dead because of him?
~ Nora stating to Ellie that she's already dying and that Joel deserved to die.
I'm not giving up my friend.
~ Nora's last words to Ellie before her death

Nora Harris is a supporting antagonist in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II. She is a former member of the Fireflies and a medical officer stationed at St. Mary's Hospital, who later joined the Washington Liberation Front alongside her friends Abby, Owen, Mel and Jordan. She would join Abby in her mission to enact her vengeance against Joel Miller, and would later met her demise at the hand of Joel's adoptive daughter, Ellie.

She was voiced and motion-captured by Chelsea Tavarres in her first motion-capture role.


The Last of Us

Although Nora is not seen in The Last of Us, it is revealed that she was a Firefly at the St. Mary's Hospital working as a medical officer, and was helping Jerry engineer a cure to end the Cordyceps fungal pandemic. She was one of the survivors after Jerry was killed by Joel Miller rescuing Ellie, who had antibodies that made her immune to the Cordyceps fungi.

The Last of Us Part II

Four years after the events of The Last of Us, Nora had abandoned the Fireflies with her friends Abby, Owen, Mel and Jordan to join the Washington Liberation Front, under the leadership of Isaac. Loyal to her friends, she helped Abby in her mission to find Joel Miller and kill him as revenge for Jerry's death. They also engaged in war against the Seraphites, a vicious cult made up of cannibalistic survivors that are competing for control of Seattle.

In December of 2038, when Abby found Joel and his brother Tommy in Jackson County, Wyoming, the WLF baited them into a trap at their lodge. Nora disarmed and incapacitated Tommy, and later pinned down Ellie, as Abby viciously murdered Joel by bashing his head in with a golf club. Owen opted to keep Ellie alive as well as Nora, believing that they would be no better than Joel if they were to kill her as well.

Returning to Seattle, Nora was stationed at a hospital helping fend off Seraphite ambushes when Ellie arrived and interrogated Nora about Abby's location. When she attempted to flee, Ellie chased her across the hospital, and ultimately tackled her off a ledge when they were confronted by WLF soldiers, breaking Nora's right arm.

Ellie cornered Nora into a dead end, who had already breathed in the spores as she was chased into a quarantined area; Ellie offered to end her suffering in return for giving up Abby's location. She attempts to reason with Ellie, saying that Joel's death was justified, due to how many people have died because of him, but Ellie refuses to take her word and again asks her Abby's location. Although initially refusing to give up information because of her loyalty to Abby, Nora would give in after Ellie violently beat her with a pipe in order for her to confess.

Ellie then murdered Nora, and was traumatized afterwards upon learning Abby's location at an aquarium nearby. The revelation of her being a former Firefly and medical officer at St. Mary's Hospital led Ellie to rethink and debunk Joel's lie that the Fireflies were unable to find a cure.



  • Nora's name means "honor" in Latin, referencing her loyal personality to Abby and her friends.
  • Nora's death mirrors Joel's death, as both were tortured and beaten to death.


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