Mrs. Beady-0
Your mind's gone woman. Where'd it go? I don't know! It's gone!
~ Nathan Beady mocking his wife's beliefs about the cow outside their house.

Nora Beady is the secondary antagonist in the movie Barnyard and the main antagonist in the tv series Back in the Barnyard. She has blonde hair, pink glasses, flower earrings, and wears a blue dress with pink heels.

She is the farmer's neighbor and is obsessed with exposing his animals due to the constant annoyance they bring her.



In the movie she is first seen complaining to her husband Nathan about seeing a cow outside their house, Nathan mildly annoyed by this doesn't believe her and says that she's lost her mind. Later on she is seen watching the news only to find out that the protagonist, Otis had stolen their car. Mrs.Beady then wakens a sleeping Nathan who doesn't seem to care about the car's theft and simply continues drinking a can of beer. She then attempts to call the police, only to have the operator call her crazy and hang up much to her anger.

In the end she is seen in the bathroom motivating her own self-image before Wild Mike jumps out of her hair causing her to scream hysterically.

Back at the Barnyard

In the TV series, she plays both a recurring character and main antagonist. She constantly attempts to expose the farm animals that they are anthropomorphic only to fail in the process.

in the first season the animals try their best to stay out of her way, but in the second season and onwards their relationship with her grows more hostile, leading her to spy on them and for Otis and his friends to play cruel pranks on her.

its also said she is related to the show's similar antagonist, Eugene/Snotty Boy.


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