No, we all rock, together!
~ Nora Dershlit's famous quote.
My party shall go on forever, and ever, and ever...
~ Nora Dershlit scaring the iCarly crew

Nora Dershlit is a major antagonist in the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly. She is the main antagonist of the iCarly hour-long special iPsycho, its sequel, iStill Psycho, and the Sam and Cat special episode "SuperPsycho."  She was an obsessed iCarly fan, and she had a crush on Freddie.

Over time, she has evolved from a girl with a tragic background who just wanted friends into a full-blown, mentally ill sociopath.

She was portrayed by Danielle Morrow.


Nora grew up with her mother and father in Olympia, Washington, and was lonely her entire life with her pet chicken, Maurice. That was before the iCarly gang came in and performed a live show in her home, resulting in several people from her school showing up for her birthday party. After the party, she is happy to have gained so many friends due to the gang livening up her party.  This should've resulted in a happy ending for her, except that she is unable to be satisfied with the friends that Carly, Sam, and Freddie helped her gain. She locks up the iCarly gang so they could never leave and that she'll never be alone again. Then, the iCarly gang sends a special message to their friend, Gibby, saying to look at every fourth word in the following message: "Hi, Gibby.  Have the greatest birthday. Go crazy.  Kiss your pretty girl.  Sorry we're still trapped at Webicon. Forgive us. Have fun. And please make sure you save some cake for us."  Gibby is able to recognize their hidden message: "The crazy girl trapped us.  Please save us."

Gibby and his younger brother, Guppy, came to Olympia and broke into her house, with Gibby fighting Nora in mutual combat. Nora nearly defeats Gibby in battle, but Guppy manages to open the doors to the closet that the iCarly gang was trapped in, and Sam pinches Nora into unconsciousness. She was arrested by the police and sent to prison.

Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit

She returned in the sequel, "iStill Psycho." Nora was released from prison after Carly convinced Sam and Freddie that she had changed. However, it was a facade. This time, she and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit, kidnapped the iCarly gang once again (this time including Spencer and Gibby) out of revenge for her going to prison in the first place. At the end of the episode, Freddie's mom and T-Bo came bursting in with a motorcycle, rescued Carly and her friends (though Gibby was forgotten and still stuck in the Dershlit chimney), and beat up Nora and her parents. The three got arrested and sent to prison.

Sam & Cat

She returns in the special Sam & Cat episode "Super Psycho" and serves as the main antagonist in that episode. Nora breaks out of jail by attacking a cop with a bucket on her head until she stopped moving (for a time) with the assistance of her chicken. In a movie theater, Gibby told her where Sam lived, which was now in Los Angeles. She kidnaps Dice and plans to shave his head in order to make a wig. Nora also had him trapped in her well and threw hoses at him. In order to find Nora, Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine had to ask Nevel Papperman, who was locked up due to having "Porcupine Pox." After they learned about her hideout, Cat got trapped in the well with Dice. As Nora was about to fight Sam, Sam easily threw her into the well (and landed on Dice). She was taken back to prison by police officers while vowing that she will return yet again for her revenge. It was seen that Nevel escaped from the asylum soon after. Due to the endings of both iCarly and Sam & Cat, Nora has not been seen since.



  • Despite only appearing in two episodes of iCarly and one episode in its spin-off Sam and Cat, Nora is, so far, the evilest villain of both of the two shows, as she is more evil and dangerous than Nevel Papperman, Chuck Chambers, and Lewbert Slime combined.
  • Brief controversy erupted shortly after the episode aired.  In a short scene, Nora appears to kiss the popular girl (played by Daniella Monet) on the lips. Many people were concerned that same-sex kissing should not be depicted on a tween show. While it does appear that Nora is kissing the girl on the lips, she is actually kissing her on the cheek.
  • In an early draft of "iStart a Fanwar," Nora appears.
  • Nora's name is mentioned in the newspaper.  Gibby holds it up in the iCarly skit in "iDate Sam & Freddie". However, her last name is spelled with two t's ("Parole Denied for Nora Dirshlitt, Appeal Rejected").
  • In "iStill Psycho," Dan spelled her last name differently in his blogs as "Dershlit."
  • Nora is the fifth girl to kiss Freddie.  The first four were Valerie, Sam, Melanie, and Carly, in that order.
  • Her hair is considerably darker in "iStill Psycho" than in "iPsycho." In "iPsycho," it is light-brown-blond.  But in "iStill Psycho," it is a dark brown (almost black) color.
  • Her actress Danielle Morrow married Jeremy Rowley, who portrayed Lewbert Sline.


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