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Norah is a member of the Rebel Army Blaze Brigade and a character in Metal Slug.


Extra Ops

Try Line 2nd

While the Rebel Army was battling against the Mars People and Invader Great Mother, Grazia instructed Loretta and Norah to do their best to spread the name of the Blaze Brigade among the Rebel Army. Loretta was concerned with how Norah would do in combat because of her seemingly weak personality, but Grazia tells her that she hasn't seen Norah in battle yet.

On the battlefield, Norah finds Marty and fights him. The Professor eventually appears and takes Marty away with him. Norah tries to chase after the two, but Loretta shows up and drags her away before Grazia gets ready to burn the place down.

Back at the base, Grazia compliments Norah on how she did in the battle. Loretta notes that Norah still has some Try Coins and suggests she spend it before the shop closes, as they will be useless afterwards. Norah then heads to the shop and finds a bunch of Rebel soldiers are also in line. Norah pushes her way to the front, while Grazia and Loretta look on in silence.


When Grazia becomes stunned after Romy easily destroyed a Ptolemaic Army within five minutes and goes into shock, Norah asks what they should do. Loretta tells her to take Grazia back to her room and praise her for five minutes.


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