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Norex is a supporting antagonist (later anti-villain) in the 2019 Marvel film Captain Marvel. He is a Skrull scientist who serves as the loyal second-in-command of Talos.

He was portrayed by Matthew Maher.


Tracking Down Vers

Norex was first seen helping his fellow Skrulls capturing Starforce member Vers in the planet Torfa as Talos intends to access her memories for their own purposes. However, Vers furiously free herself before escaping back to Earth, prompting an annoyed Talos and several of his Skrulls to evacuate to Earth after their ship is destroyed. Talos then tasks Norex and the other Skrulls to impersonate themselves as civilians while he impersonates himself as S.H.I.E.L.D. director Keller to avoid suspicion.

Eventually, Talos and Norex managed to track down Vers as the home of her close friend Maria Rambeau. As such, Norex impersonates himself as Maria to attract Maria's daughter Monica while Talos confronts Vers, Maria and Nick Fury. Through a recovered black box, Talos revealed that the Supreme Intelligence destroyed the Skrulls' home planet due to their refusal to submit to Kree rule. Talos also revealed that he was contacted by Kree defector Mar-Vell, who has created a Light-Speed Engine and a giant ship that can carry Skrull refugees so that they can find a new planet to live and be safe from the Kree. This made Vers remember that she was once a pilot named Carol Danvers who witnessed Mar-Vell being murdered by Yon-Rogg (the leader of Starforce) and that she destroyed the engine that made her absorb the powers and lose her memories in the first place.

Sacrificing Himself

Infuriated of being used by the Kree, Vers defected to the Skrulls. To that end, Norex utilized his skills in upgrading Vers' ship so that it can fly into space to track down Mar-Vell's ship containing the Skrulls refugees, including Talos' family. Upon being told that Yon-Rogg will be heading back to Earth to pinpoint Vers' location, Norex decides to stay behind by impersonating himself as Vers in an old shaft so that Vers and Talos can find the ship. After revealing himself to an arriving Yon-Rogg, Norex happily taunted him of the fact that Vers already regained her memories and that Talos and the rest of the Skrulls will be safe from the Kree. Infuriated, Yon-Rogg kills Norex by shooting him down.

Eventually, Norex's death was avenged after Vers (renaming herself as Captain Marvel) defeated Yon-Rogg and sends him back to Hala with a message to the Superior Intelligence that she will put an end to the genocidal war for good.

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