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Norio Eguchi, also known as the Cygnus Zodiarts, is an antagonist in Kamen Rider Fourze.

He was portrayed by Shugo Nagashima as Norio Eguchi and voiced by Taiki Matsuno as Cygnus Zodiarts.


A otaku who desired to become a hero like Fourze, Eguchi received a Zodiarts Switch from the Libra Zodiarts that allowed up to transform into the Cygnus Zodiarts, but using caused him to develop a split personality, simply calling itself "Cygnus". As the Cygnus Zodiarts, he is armed with sharp claws on his hands, and he uses his feathers for multiple purposes from throwing them around to make a grand entrance to using them as shurikens, and has powerful kicks that resemble ballet moves.

Claiming to be a "hero of justice", the Cygnus Zodiarts obtains a following of people and soon became hostile to anyone he viewed as a threat to his true plan: to replace Kamen Rider Fourze.

Eguchi is later discovered by the Kamen Rider Club to be the Switcher. Not knowing that Cygnus came from him, Eguchi attempted to give up his Zodiarts Switch to the Kamen Rider Club. However, Eguchi is abducted by the Cancer Zodiarts and forced by Misa to transform into the Cygnus Zodiarts. Kamen Rider Meteor then arrived and defeated the Cygnus Zodiarts, destroying the "Cygnus" split personality and freeing Eguichi from its control. After returning to normal, Eguchi would dress up as Kamen Rider Fourze as thanks to Gentaro.


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