Norio Matsui is a researcher for the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics who is secretly a member of Faust and a supporting character in the Kamen Rider Build Blu-Ray miniseries ROGUE.

He was portrayed by Tomohiko Ichihara.


Alongside Yoshikazu Takahashi, Norio Matsui was assigned by Gentoku Himuro to serve as an assistant to Takumi Katsuragi after Gentoku invited the scientist to continue his research unsanctioned. Later, as Gentoku transformed into Night Rogue and announces the formation Faust to scientists he gathered, Matsui was one of the scientists cheering.

Matsui and Takahashi later resurfaced after Faust was moved from Touto to Hokuto to rescue Gentoku Himuro after he was knocked out and presumed dead following a beating from three other inmates. Upon waking up, Gentoku hugged his two old comrades and told them he was eternally in their debt.


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