The universe is cruel and unjust.
~ Norm-3P0, after hearing that the Empire have stolen Darthenshmirtz's design of the Death Star.

Norm-3PO is a supporting antagonist of the Phineas and Ferb special "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars". He is the droid servant of Darthenshmirtz, as well as the Star Wars counterpart of Norm.

Just like his original counterpart, he was voiced by John Viener.


Norm-3P0 first appeared when he and Darthenshmirtz arrive at the Death Star, where Darthenshmirtz exclaimed that he has built in a new -inator called the Sith-inator for the Galactic Empire. Darthenshmirtz then assigns Norm-3P0 to find any trash that has been personally touched by Darth Vader, so that he can extract enough Force into his Sith-inator.

After delivering enough Force, Darthenshmirtz attempts to test the device onto his captured nemesis, Perry the Rebelpus of the Rebellion. However, Ferb gets hit by accident, and is thus turned into a Sith. Darthenshmirtz and Norm-3P0 head to get more trash to power up the Sith-inator, but by the time they come back, Perry has been released from his carbonite trap and disables Norm-3P0 before fighting with Darthenshmirtz, who later escaped.

It's completely unknown what happened to Norm-3PO following this, but it's likely that he remained disabled and was eventually blown up among other Imperial officers when the Death Star battle station was destroyed by the Rebels, although it's also possible that he could have managed to somehow get back to normal and escape with some Imperial officers aboard the Firestar Girls' ships.


  • Norm-3PO's name is base on the combination of Norm and C-3PO. Yet his color scheme is based on TC-14.


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