Norma Osborn Goblin
Norma Osborn is a female version of Norman Osborn from Spider-Girl's reality who made an alliance with her alternate self.


Not much is known about her except that she is Spider-Girl's long time enemy, eventually The Goblin got into her lab and she used her gauntlet to attack but Goblin blocks and pins her to the wall and introduced himself as her counterpart from another universe and they later made an alliance and battled Spider-Girl and Spider-Man, eventually The Goblin took Spider-Girl's DNA and Norma is given the Goblin Serum as a reward and she mutated to a Goblin like creature and she fights Spider-Girl and Spider-Man until she is defeated.


Not much is known about her except like her counterpart she is shown to see Petra Parker(Spider-Girl's secret identity) as a better girl than her daughter Harriet


  • Her costume bears more resemblance to the classic Green Goblin.
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