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What you waiting for? Untie me fellas!
~ Norman Deek's last words before being shot by his own men.

Norman Deek is a minor antagonist in Red Dead Redemption. He is Bill Williamson's second in command among the outlaw gang at Fort Mercer.

He was voiced by James Carroll.


Norman is first seen during the mission "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit" where he is seen standing on a cliff next to Bill Williamson. After the gunfight, one of Marshall Johnsons' deputies, Jonah, finds Norman and John Marston along with the lawmen arrest him. He is next and lastly seen during "Hanging Bonnie Macfarlane", where an outlaw comes to the Marshall's office and demands he give back Deek and if he doesn't, they will torture and rape Bonnie. The outlaw tries to make a deal that if they hand over Deek than Bonnie will be set free, but Leigh Johnson rejects the idea. Marston and the lawmen puts Deek on a horse and ride to the outlaws' hideout at Tumbleweed. The group stops at the edge of town, and Marston nudges Norman down the road with a gun, drawn to make an exchange with the three outlaws waiting on the other side of the road. However, when John and Norman get close, the outlaws start firing at John and kill Norman Deek due to him being in front of John. A gunfight ensues as Normans dead body lays in the street.

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