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Villain Overview

Take a look, Parker--a good, long look--it's the last face Spider-Man will ever see--it's the real face of the Green Goblin--the face of Norman Osborn!
~ The Green Goblin revealing his true identity of Norman Osborn to Peter Parker.
HA HA HA! You're outmatched, Parker! Outsmarted, outgunned, and s--t out of luck! And look at you. Still holding back. Afraid of the full power that suit could give you! That's your problem. There's no killer in you! Now, me? I have that edge! Which is why this shall be my greatest moment of triumph! Finally, the day has come! Behold... Norman Osborn! Victorious!
~ Norman Osborn, as the Red Goblin, to Spider-Man.

Norman Osborn, also known as the Green Goblin, Iron Patriot, Red Goblin and various other aliases, is one of the main antagonists of Marvel Comics, commonly as one of the main antagonists of the Spider-Man comic book series and as a major antagonist in the Avengers comics.

He is the former head of the multinational corporation Oscorp and father of Harry Osborn, who became the first and most well known incarnation of the Green Goblin after ingesting a serum that increased his physical abilities yet in the process drove him to insanity. He is widely recognized as one of Spider-Man's greatest, most persistent and most personal arch-enemies, along with Doctor Octopus and Venom, having been responsible for more hardship and grief in the hero's life than any of his other villains (most notably the murder of Gwen Stacy; the first woman he ever truly loved).

Despite his status as Spider-Man's archenemy, Norman has also made various appearances antagonizing other heroes such as the Avengers as well, even serving as the villainous protagonist of the company-wide Dark Reign storyline.


Don’t be a fool! Norman Osborn’s only genius was for ripping off the ideas of others.
~ Adrian Toomes foreshadowing Norman Osborn’s nature.

Osborn initially started off as an uncaring and manipulative, yet troubled, paranoid, disturbed and anti-social businessman, willingly sacrificing others for the sake of his goals. He was an ambitious and overly obsessive man who chose work over his own son Harry Osborn. Even though he was callous toward him, he did show that he cared about him to a degree. He also liked Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man, as he saw him as the son he never had. He also secretly despised his business partners as well as the rest of the upper class in general, believing them to be weak, lazy and distrustful leeches undeserving of the wealth they inherited, while he worked extremely hard from the bottom up to earn it back as wall paranoid they would take all he worked for away from him.

When he became the Goblin, Norman's fears about himself as well as the vindictive hatred towards his business rivals (both confirmed and perceived, due to his paranoia) he emotionally repressed for a life time took over. Becoming unpredictable, unhinged, and deranged. This unstable sense of liberating himself from his repressed urges gave him the feeling that he finally had the power to enact revenge on those who wronged him, perceived or confirmed. He also wanted to prove himself as the most powerful individual in the world, by defeating Spider-Man. That desire turned into obsession, as he attempted time and again to defeat him, but the thing that makes him unique from the other villains Spidey faced is that he is ruthless, yet also maniacal in his pursuits, especially after learning that Spidey is really Parker.

He set many goals to tear his nemesis apart from the inside out, by orchestrating the Clone Saga, killing his friend/clone, Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider just to spite his nemesis, and most infamously, killing his girlfriend Gwen Stacy by throwing her over a bridge, which subsequently led to his own death. When his healing factor brought him back to life upon death, any of Osborn's redeeming qualities were completely destroyed, as he became a sadistic, monstrous, arrogant, narcissistic, unsympathetic, heartless, deceitful, vengeful, temperamental, and completely wicked madman with an even more inflated sense of ambition, and the ego to go along with that, as well as a complete lack of empathy for anyone, even his own son and Parker.

He became outright obsessed with absolute power and dominance over everything and everyone, all at the expense of others if it was so necessary. Also, he has dissociative identity disorder, split between him and his Goblin persona, which is the more aggressive persona, and has been "telling him to do bad things". He is willing to force his minions and other villains into working for him, using threats, charisma, blackmail, extortion, bargaining, and torture to do so. His own megalomania became so apparent that he even fused with the chaotic Carnage symbiote as a means of getting absolute power.

His only two weaknesses are his own complete instability and ego, which has clouded his judgement and progressed with insanity frequently. He believed that he is so powerful and above everybody else, that it makes him underestimate his enemies, and believe that "not even death can defeat him", which oftentimes can be exploited and leads to his defeat. Also, his own megalomania can be a major weakness, as his desire to become powerful can be exploited against him. This was evident in his change into the Red Goblin, from his fusion with Carnage.


Early Years

Norman Virgil Osborn was born in New Haven, Conneticut as the son of Amberson Osborn, an inventor, who was a grandson to Alton Osborn, a magnate who created the Osborn family fortune. However, Amberson's inventions were stolen, his manufacturing company shut down, and his family came close to bankruptcy. Norman was subjected to abuse by his father, who became an alcoholic to cope with his losses. Stressed by the state of his family, he murdered their dog, claiming it was "one less mouth to feed", as well as developing a desire to reclaim his family's lost wealth. At some point, Amberson had decided to lock Norman in the basement of one of their old homes to cure his fear of the dark. However, Norman saw a greenish-monster lurking in the basement, scaring him so much that he wished for the dark to never go away. This would inspire him for later years.

Norman attended the Empire State University in New York, getting a degree in chemistry and electrical engineering. As such, he also took a course in business administration. There, he met Emily, who provided some balance in the money-obsessed man. They would marry and have a son named Harry. Norman and Emily were very much in love, and Norman was extremely devastated when Emily passed away. This drove him to bury himself in his work, becoming emotionally neglectful of Harry as his son grew up.

Later on, Norman would found OsCorp Industries with his old teacher, Professor Mendel Stromm, with the former serving as CEO and President. The company would emerge as a successful chemical-engineering corporation, and Norman had finally achieved his goal of reclaiming his family's fortune. Despite his success, Norman wanted full control over his business. He discovered Stromm embezzling Oscorp funds and turned him over to the police, becoming OsCorp's sole owner after Stromm's shares are sold to him.

After Stromm's arrest, Norman discovered that his former coolegue had been researching on an experimental formula that would enhance the subject's strength and intelligence. In his attempt to create the formula himself, it turned green and exploded in his face, knocking him unconscious. When he woke up in the hospital, Norman discovered that his intelligence and physical attributes had increased as the formula had intended. However, the formula had an untested side effect, which slowly drove Norman into self-destructive insanity. As such, the Green Goblin was born.


Using his newfound power, Osborn plotted to become a powerful crime lord by uniting all of the smaller crime rings together. Wanting to get Spider-Man out of the way, he sent two supervillains, Headsman and Scorcher, after the web-slinger, but they were defeated. Then Osborn decided to take matters into his own hands.

He made a rubber suit and a bat-shaped glider equipped with many deadly weapons, including razor-bats, electric gloves, knockout gas, and his signature Pumpkin Bombs.

Enlisting the help of the Enforcers, who had fought Spider-Man before, he went to Spider-Man and tricked him into acting in a movie with him about the web-head. At the set in New Mexico, the Goblin and the Enforcers battled Spidey, forcing him to flee to a nearby cave, which, unbeknownst to any of them, was occupied by the Hulk. While Spider-Man was busy fending off the Jade Giant, the Goblin made his escape.

Green Goblin later reappeared several times in attempts to deface Spider-Man and boost his reputation, despite always being connected to the crime ring. After all of these defeats, the Goblin became obsessed with destroying Spider-Man, and Osborn put all of his time into focusing on conquering the web-slinger.

The Green Goblin unmasked?

A turning point came when Green Goblin figured out a way to find out Spider-Man's identity. He made a special gas that nullified Spidey's spider-sense, and followed him without detection back to Peter Parker's house. He then easily captured Spider-Man and brought him to his lair, where he revealed himself as Norman Osborn. After making the mistake of untying Spider-Man so as to gloat and prove his superiority, Spidey fought and beat him by sending him into some electric wires that were covered in chemicals. Osborn lost all of his memory of the Goblin, and Spider-Man, satisfied with that, burned the Green Goblin costume.

"Death" of the Green Goblin

The Green Goblin and Gwen Stacy.

Norman's memories eventually returned somehow, and as the Green Goblin he kidnapped Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's love interest, and forced Spider-Man to battle him on a bridge. The Goblin then threw Gwen off the bridge, and Spider-Man, desperate to save her, shot his webbing down and grabbed her, but it was too late. The force of the webbing snapped Gwen's neck, and Peter brutally attacked the Goblin, nearly killing him. But Osborn had one last play to make, and he remote-controlled his glider to come up behind Spider-Man and attempted to impale him from behind. But Spidey's spider-sense warned him and he dodged out of the way. The glider blade instead was driven into the middle of Green Goblin's chest, and he was seemingly killed.

The Green Goblin's fate.

"After his "death", several other people took on his identity, including his son Harry, who become the Green Goblin II. Another goblin-themed villain, the Hobgoblin, was born after Roderick Kingsley stumbled upon one of Osborn's hidden Goblin lairs and took his basic weapon set, using a different costume and name.

Norman Osborn's return

He returned alive in the Clone Saga, after his resurrection due to a chemical in his goblin formula which regenerates fatal injuries he murdered a man who looked enough like him and placed him in his coffin, he then formulates a plan to get revenge on Peter Parker, he causes a series of problems for Spider-Man including hiring assassins to try and kill him, he hires a woman to poison Mary Jane who was pregnant at the time forcing her into labor and seemingly giving birth to a stillborn baby whom is later revealed to be alive, he also has Peter convinced that his clone Ben Reilly is the real Peter Parker, he also drugged Flash Thompson and caused him to get into an automobile accident giving him brain damage. After a series of events he eventually reveals himself to Spider-Man who is shocked that he's alive, they have a battle and like before he attempts to kill him once again with his goblin glider, Ben Reilly dives in front of him taking the hit and dying, in response. Spider-Man hurls a web full of pumpkin bombs at him, seemingly killing him again.

The Thunderbolts, the Dark Avengers, and the Dark X-Men

Norman Osborn created several teams to take out several other superheroes. Some examples are the Thunderbolts, the Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men. At one point he joined and became the leader of the Sinister Twelve. When he was the leader of the Dark Avengers, Osborn changed his costume and became an evil Iron Man/Captain America combination known as the Iron Patriot.

Superior Spider-Man

After the events of Dark Reign Norman Osborn eventually returned to his Green Goblin persona albeit calling himself the Goblin King.

Temporarily Powerless

After the events of Superior Spider-Man and Secret Wars Norman returns as an arms dealer and goes to get revenge on Spider-Man, but ultimately fails due to his lack of powers. Since then Norman had been trying to get back his powers by any means necessary.

Red Goblin

In an attempt to regain his powers Norman uses the Carnage symbiote and later combines his Goblin formula to remove Peter's cure on him becoming Red Goblin. Norman also remembers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. He also killed flash Thompson and was defeated.

Absolute Carnage

Norman suffering amnesia was visitors by kindred who somewhat helps him remember and then meets Carnage, who turns him into a replica. He would later fight Spider-Man again and Venom, but he escaped after Carnage’s death and regained his memories.

Power Elite

At some point, Norman joined the power elite and was later seen reopening Ravencroft.

Kindred Rising

After being made director of Ravencroft by Mayor Fisk, Norman became a target of the Sin-Eater, who was resurrected by the Demon known as Kindred (the current alternate identity of Harry Osborn). The Sin-Eater had the power to cleanse evil from criminals with his arrows and shot Norman with one such arrow, removing all of Norman's depravity and evil, leaving him with a deep sense of remorse and repentance. Norman has since tried to reach out to Harry within Kindred and reconnect with his grandson, Normie.

Powers and Abilities

A marvelous businessman, corporate monger and a brilliant scientist by trade. After taking the OsCorp serum, his body was capable of quickly regenerating fatal wounds, enhanced muscle power and greater mobility, as well as advanced intellect and insanity. He also has a high-tech glider, high-tech Iron Patriot armor and high-tech weaponry. He has all of OsCorp's nigh-limitless funds and advanced technologies at his disposal.

  • Goblin Formula: Thanks to the chemical composition of the Goblin Formula, Osborn gained the following abilities:
    • Superhuman Strength: Osborn can easily overpower humans by lifting them up with one hand or by hurling them around. He and can also lift extremely heavy objects, crush and break through wood panels and templates, bend metal, and can punch through glass without gaining injury. As shown on many occasions, Osborn could match Spider-Man even before bonding with the Carnage symbiote.
    • Superhuman Speed: Osborn can run and operate at superhuman speeds.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Osborn can operate or maintain his movements for up to a day without exhausting himself.
    • Superhuman Durability: The formula also fortified all of Osborn's bodily tissues, making them far tougher and more resistant to injury than normal humans. While Osborn can be injured by something along the lines of a knife or small conventional bullets composed of conventional material, he is very resistant to great impact forces and blunt trauma. He can withstand powerful impacts, such as falling from several stories or being repeatedly struck by a superhuman enemy, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no injury to himself.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: If Osborn does sustain injury, his body's increased metabolism allows him to heal damaged tissue much faster and more extensively than a normal human is capable of. While not nearly as efficient as the healing powers possessed by Wolverine, he can heal from injuries that would prove lethal to an ordinary human. For example, Osborn survived being impaled by his Goblin Glider and made a full recovery with only a scar left on his chest. He also recovered from having over a dozen of his bombs explode while webbed to his chest.
    • Superhuman Agility: Osborn's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: His reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.


Did you expect the Green Goblin to let Spider-Man live?
~ The Green Goblin to Spider-Man
I'm glad I never washed this costume. It smells like death, blondes, and victory.
~ Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin reflecting on his murder of Gwen Stacy.
How did someone like me ever have a snivelling weakling of a son like you?!!
~ Norman Osborn disowning his son, Harry.
They have Osborn blood, and Osborn blood... is SPECIAL blood.
~ Norman Osborn
Fool! Your power is nothing compared to mine! Your strength is nothing, your intellect is NOTHING!
~ The Green Goblin to Spider-Man
Secret Subway line, Underground Kingdom... so theatrical. And pointless. What was I thinking? The strength and healing powers of the Goblin Serum are gone from my system... but for the first time in ages, so too is the madness. I won. I got exactly what I wanted. Alchemax has been secured for my heir and my legacy. And next time? I'll return with a new plan... and a new face. All these years, Spider-Man and his kind have dealt with a giggling lunatic. A madman. You've never faced the real Norman Osborn, a man with all his wits about him. Poor fools. Next time you'll never see me coming.
~ Norman Osborn, following the collapse of the Goblin Nation and his return to sanity.
Far from it. Nothing keeps me down, Kingsley. Not death. Betrayal. Even the entire world against me! Every time I rise back up! Stronger than before! Every time!
~ Norman Osborn, revealing his identity after his battle with Hobgoblin.
I made Harry... and I can do any damn thing to him I want.
~ Norman Osborn on Harry.
Hah! I've had it wrong for years. I didn't have to go after that Stacy girl back then... or the Thompson boy just now. Because you care, you honestly care about all of these idiots. Every single one of these innocent lives. All this time, all I had to do to hurt you was to just start killing... EVERYONE!
~ Red Goblin
For every life you save... there's a million new ways to die.
~ Norman Osborn
Ha! The tide turns, spider! The natural order is restored, and all is as it should be. Bless you, Peter. You were right. This is better. Taking your life with my own hands. And, by God, this won't end like the last time. All your friends are down. Or dead. Thanks to me! No one's coming to save you. That's the difference between the two of us. I've always been the stronger man! Needing no one else! And willing to do whatever it takes to win!
~ Green Goblin to Spider-Man in their final battle.


Comics journalist and historian Mike Conroy writes of the character: "Of all the costumed villains who've plagued Spider-Man over the years, the most flat-out unhinged and terrifying of them all is the Green Goblin". Norman Osborn was ranked #13 on IGN's "Top 100 Comic Book Villains" list and #19 on Wizard Magazine's "Top 100 Villains" list. IGN also ranked him as twenty fourth on their top 100 villains list in 2016 being the third highest Marvel Comics supervillain on the list after Magneto and Doctor Doom and the fifth highest comic book supervillain with DC Comics supervillains Joker and Lex Luthor being the only other higher ranked.


  • Norman Osborn was created by the late Stan Lee and the late Steve Ditko.
  • Norman Osborn's identity as the Green Goblin was revealed in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #39.
  • Norman Osborn's killing of Gwen Stacy is highly significant and shocked the American comic book community.
  • Previously, it had been unthinkable to kill off such an important character — the girlfriend of a protagonist with a large fanbase. Generally, a superhero did not fail this disastrously unless it was part of his or her origin story.
    • This story arc has been proposed as a marker of the end of the Silver Age of Comic Books, and the beginning of the darker, grittier Bronze Age.
  • The Green Goblin was originally rumored to be a mythological monster that escaped from an Egyptian tomb before he was revealed to be Norman Osborn.
  • Due to his popularity and influence over the series overall, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin is considered to be one of Spider-Man's arch-enemies alongside Doctor Octopus and Venom. He is often seen as the most dangerous and evil among the three; this varies in the incarnations but in the main comics, Ultimate comics and The Spectacular Spider-Man series, Norman is definitely more evil.
  • Comic book fans often compare Norman Osborn from Spider-Man to The Joker from Batman, due to once being normal men who went insane due to a tragic incident that happened to them involving chemicals, turning them into supervillains. On debating who of the two is worse, however, as shocking as it sounds, Norman Osborn is far worse than the Joker, because since Joker's origin story from “The Killing Joke” is indeed real as confirmed in the Three Jokers story-line, then the Joker was at one point tragic, as he was just a normal man who suffered his accident partly because he wanted to get money to support his pregnant wife and unborn child, let aside the fact that he's mentally ill, whereas Norman Osborn was already evil before his accident and was fully aware of his actions. Also, Joker loses his evil when his mental illness is cured, revealing that he has no control of his actions and becomes heavily remorseful for all the evil that he did, while Osborn only loses his evil when he loses his memory, but upon his memory returning, he goes back to being the Green Goblin immediately, having full control of his actions.
  • Stan Lee and Steve Ditko reportedly disagreed over Norman Osborn being the Green Goblin's secret identity; Ditko believed it would be more realistic if the Green Goblin was somebody Spider-Man did not know, while Lee believed that such a move would be insulting to readers. However, Lee admitted that due to his poor memory, he could not remember whether he and Ditko had been talking about the Green Goblin or another character, or whether Norman being the Green Goblin was his idea or Ditko's. Ditko's replacement, John Remita. Sr., claimed that Lee would not have tolerated it if Ditko had revealed the Green Goblin to be anyone other than Norman Osborn.

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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions: Mysterio | Kraven the Hunter | Hammerhead | Hobgoblin | Electro | Sandman | Vulture | Scorpion | Deadpool | Juggernaut | Silver Sable | Goblin | Serena Patel | Carnage
Spider-Man: Edge of Time: Peter Parker | Atrocity | Walker Sloan
The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Slayers (Alistair Smythe) | Lizard | Rhino | Vermin | Scorpion | Felicia Hardy | Iguana | Nattie
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Carnage | Kingpin | Green Goblin | Shocker | Kraven the Hunter | Black Cat | Electro | Chameleon | Norman Osborn | Cash Register Thief
Marvel's Spider-Man: Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, Mister Negative, Electro, Vulture, Rhino and Scorpion) | Inner Demons | Norman Osborn | Silver Sable | Kingpin | Shocker | Tombstone | Taskmaster | Black Cat | Screwball | Hammerhead | Walter Hardy | Yuriko Watanabe
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Roxxon Energy Corporation (Simon Krieger) | The Underground (Tinkerer) | Prowler | Rhino | Kingpin | Norman Osborn | Doctor Octopus | Vulture

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Abomination | Abominatrix | Absorbing Man | Adolf Hitler | Agony | A.I.M. | Air-Walker | Alkhema | Aleksander Lukin | Alistair Smythe | Amatsu-Mikaboshi | Amora | Annihilus | Ani-Men | Answer | Apocalypse | Arcade | Ares | Arnim Zola | Atlas | Attuma | Avalanche | Awesome Android | Badoon | Barracuda | Baron Blood | Baron Mordo | Baron Wolfgang von Strucker | Baron Zemo | Baron Zemo II | Basilisk | Batroc | Beetle | Beyonder | Black Knight | Blackout | Black Order | Black Cat | Black Talon | Black Widow | Blackie Drago | Blastaar | Blitzkrieg | Blizzard | Blob | Blood Brothers | Bombshell | Boomerang | Brothers Grimm | Brotherhood of Evil Mutants | Bullseye | Burglar | Bushmaster | Bushwacker | Cache | Cannibals (Marvel Universe Vs) | Carnage | Carrion | Calypso | Celestials | Centurion | Chameleon | Chance | Chemistro | Chester Goudal | Chitauri | Collector | Colonel Ross Whittaker | Commander Kraken | Constrictor | Corruptor | Count Nefaria | Cowled Commander | Crime-Master | Crimson Dynamo | Crimson Widow | Cristu Bulat | Crossbones | Crossfire | Daken | Damage | Daniel Whitehall | Dark Avengers | Dark Elves | Deadpool | Deathbird | Deathurge | Death Adder | Deke Wainscroft | Demogoblin | Diablo | Doctor Doom | Doctor Faustus | Doctor Octopus | Doctor Spectrum | Dormammu | Dracula | Dreadknight | Eddie Brock | Eel | Egghead | Ego the Living Planet | Electro | Elementals | Elements of Doom | Enclave | Enforcers | Equinox | Exodus | Ezekiel Stane | Fabian Cortez | Famine | Fin Fang Foom | Finn Cooley | Firelord | Fixer | Fold | Frost | Frost Giants | Frightful Four | Galactus | Gargantus | Garthan Saal | Ghost | Goliath | Gladiator | Godzilla | Grand Director | Grandmaster | Grant Ward | Graviton | Green Goblin (Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn) | Grey Goblin | Griffin | Grim Reaper | Grizzly | Growing Man | Grotesk | Hammerhead | Hand | Hazmat | Hela | Hera | Herr Kleiser | Heinz Kruger | High Evolutionary | Hitman | Hive | Horsemen of Apocalypse | Hobgoblin | Hood | Hydro-Man | HYDRA | Immortus | Impossible Man | Ironclad | Jackal | Jack O' Lantern | Jester | Jigsaw | Johnny Ohm | Jonas Hambleton | Jormungandr | Juggernaut | Justin Hammer | Kaine | Kang the Conqueror | Killer Shrike | King Cobra | Kingpin | Klaw | Knull | Korath the Pursuer | Korvac | Kraven the Hunter | Kree | Lady Deathstrike | The Leader | Lightmaster | Living Brain | Living Laser | Living Monolith | Lizard | Loki Laufeyson | Lucia Von Bardas | Ma Gnucci | Machinesmith | Mad Pharaoh | Madame Masque | Madame Viper | Madcap | Madelyne Pryor | Maelstrom | Maestro | Maginty | Magneto | Magus | The Maker | Malekith the Accursed | Man-Ape | Mandarin | Mandrill | Man-Spider | Man-Wolf | Master Man | Master Pandemonium | Masters of Evil | Masked Marauder | Maximus the Mad | Melter | Menace | Mentallo | Mercurio the 4-D Man | Mesmero | Mephisto | Mister Fear | Mister Hyde | Mister Negative | Mister Payback | Mister Sinister | M.O.D.A.M. | M.O.D.O.K. | Mojo | Molecule Man | Mole Man | Molten Man | Monica Rappaccinni | Moonstone | Morbius the Living Vampire | Morgan le Fay | Moses Magnum | Mystique | Mysterio | Namor | Nebula | Nekra | Nicky Cavella | Nightmare | Nightshade | Niles Van Roekel | Nicky Cavella | Obadiah Stane | Omega Red | Onslaught | Overdrive | Owl | Paladin | Phalanx | Phil Urich | Piledriver | Pluto | Presence | Princess Python | Proctor | Psycho-Man | Puppet Master | Puma | Purple Man | Quasimodo | Quicksand | Radioactive Man | Ragnarok | Ramrod | Reavers | Red Ghost | Red Skull | Reverend Samuel Smith | Rhino | Rhino II | The Rose | Ringer | Ringmaster | Riot | Ronan the Accuser | Roxxon | Sabretooth | Sandman | Säurespritze | Sauron | Savage Land Mutates | Scarecrow | Scarlet Witch | Scorcher | Scorpion | Screaming Mimi | Sebastian Shaw | Secret Empire | Selene Gallio | Sentinels | Sentry 459 | Serpent Society | Shriek | Shocker | Shockwave | Sidewinder | Silver Sable | Sin | Sinister Six | Skaar | Skeleton Crew | Skrulls | Skurge | Slug | Space Phantom | Spider-Man Revenge Squad | Spider-Slayers | Spot | Squadron Sinister | Stranger | Street | Sunstroke | Superia | Super-Adaptoid | Super-Apes | Super Patriot | Super-Skrull | Supreme Intelligence | Superia | Surtur | Swarm | Swordsman | Symbiotes | Tarantula | Taskmaster | Technovore | Temugin | Ten Rings | Terminus | Thanos | Thunderball | Thunderbolts | Thunderbolt Ross | Thundersword | Tiger Shark | Tinkerer | Titania | Titanium Man | Toad | Tombstone | Trapster | Trick Shot | Terrax the Tamer | Typhoid Mary | Tyrannus | U-Foes | Ulik | Ultimus | Ultron | Unicorn | Universal Church of Truth | Vapor | Vector | Venom | Vermin | Vulture | Walrus | Warlord Krang | Whiplash | Whirlwind | White Rabbit | Will-O'-The-Wisp | Winter Soldier | Wizard | Wonder Man | Wrecker | Worthy | X-Ray | Yellow Claw | Ymir | Yon-Rogg | Zahnmörder | Zodiac | Zombie Giant-Man | Zombie Sentry | Zzzax

The Avengers: United They Stand: Ultron | Kang the Conqueror | Swordsman | Ringmaster | Masters of Evil (Baron Zemo, & Whirlwind) | Attuma | Zodiac (Taurus & Scorpio) | Egghead | Scarlet Witch | Grim Reaper
The Super Hero Squad Show: Doctor Doom | Mole Man | Fin Fang Foom | Abomination | Wrecker | Thunderball | Piledriver | M.O.D.O.K. | Klaw | Toad | Melter | Dormammu | Sabretooth | Juggernaut | Pyro | Whirlwind | Zzzax | Enchantress | Baron Mordo | Punisher | Egghead | Ringmaster | Skrulls (Super-Skrull) | Trapster | Mystique | Impossible Man | The Leader | Mad Thinker | Skurge | Crimson Dynamo | Batroc the Leaper | Loki Laufeyson | Magneto | Quicksilver | Scarlet Witch | HYDRA (Red Skull , Arnim Zola & Baron Wolfgang von Strucker) | Galactus | Terrax the Tamer | Firelord | Stardust | Thanos | Kree | Ego the Living Planet | Grandmaster | Annihilus | Nebula | Ronan the Accuser | Nightmare | Ultron | Dark Surfer | Sentinels | Dracula | High Evolutionary
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: HYDRA (Red Skull, Baron Von Strucker, Grim Reaper, Arnim Zola, Doughboy & Madame Viper) | Masters of Evil (Baron Zemo, Enchantress, Skurge, Chemistro, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo & Grey Gargoyle) | A.I.M. (M.O.D.O.K.) | Kree Empire (Supreme Intelligence, Colonel Yon-Rogg & Ronan the Accuser) | Absorbing Man | Klaw | Ultron | Wrecker | Thunderball | Piledriver | Red Hulk | Frost Giants (Loki Laufeyson & Ymir) | Technovore | Bi-Beast | The Leader | Whirlwind | Kang the Conqueror | Man-Ape | Malice | Mad Thinker | Mandrill | Graviton | Fenris Wolf | Lucia Von Bardas | Zzzax | Blizzard | Constrictor | Griffin | Living Laser | Whiplash | King Cobra | Magneto | Wendigo | Skrulls (Super-Skrull) | Malekith the Accursed | Hela | Doctor Doom | Surtur | Glenn Talbot | Winter Soldier | J. Jonah Jameson | Destroyer | Annihilus | Purple Man | Galactus | Firelord | Stardust | Terrax the Tamer
Avengers Assemble: HYDRA/A.I.M. (Red Skull, M.O.D.O.K., Blood Brothers, Grim Reaper, Crossbones & Baron Wolfgang von Strucker) | J. Jonah Jameson | Doctor Doom | Ulik | Impossible Man | Dracula | Hyperion | Wrecker | Thunderball | Piledriver | Destroyer | Loki Laufeyson | Chitauri | Justin Hammer | Mojo | Galactus | Ringmaster | Black Order (Thanos) | Hela | Winter Soldier | Nighthawk | Dormammu | Ultron | Roxxon Energy Corporation | Absorbing Man | Titania | Whirlwind | Fin Fang Foom | Masters of Evil (Baron Zemo, Beetle & Goliath) | Klaw | Ghost | A.I.M. (Kang the Conqueror, Whiplash & Spymaster) | Abomination | Kree Empire | Egghead | The Leader | Crimson Widow | Arnim Zola | Enchantress | Skurge | Typhoid Mary | Ares | Taskmaster | Doughboy | Ulik | Beyonder | Symbiotes | Morgan le Fey | Tiger Shark | Erik Killmonger | Man-Ape | Madame Masque | Kraven the Hunter | Vulture
Marvel's M.O.D.O.K.: M.O.D.O.K. | A.I.M. | Monica Rappaccini | Super-Adaptoid | Austin Van Der Sleet

Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2: Herr Kleiser | Chitauri
Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow: Ultron
The Avengers: Loki Laufeyson | Chitauri (The Other & Leviathans) | HYDRA (Gideon Malick & Jasper Sitwell) | Georgi Luchkov | Thanos
Avengers: Age of Ultron: Ultron | Ultron Sentinels | HYDRA (Wolfgang von Strucker, List, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver) | Ulysses Klaue | Madame B | Chitauri (Leviathans) | Thanos
Avengers: Infinity War: Black Order (Thanos, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, Nebula, Outriders, Chitauri & Leviathans) | Red Skull | The Collector | Loki Laufeyson | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Thunderbolt Ross
Avengers: Endgame: Black Order (Thanos, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, Nebula, Outriders, Sakaaran Mercenaries, Chitauri, Leviathans & Chitauri Gorillas) | HYDRA/STRIKE (Red Skull, Alexander Pierce, Crossbones, Jasper Sitwell & Jack Rollins) | Loki Laufeyson (Loki Laufeyson (Variant L1130)) | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Kraglin Obfonteri | Dark Elves | Thunderbolt Ross | Akihiko

Video Games
Marvel's Avengers: M.O.D.O.K. | Monica Rappaccinni | Abomination | Taskmaster | Super-Adaptoid | Lyle Getz

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Absorbing Man | A.I.M. | Apocalypse | Arcade | Arnim Zola | Awesome Android | Batroc | Beyonder | Black Box | Black Talon | Brotherhood of Evil Mutants | Bullseye | Carnage | Chameleon | Constrictor | Crossbones | Dark Avengers | Deadpool | Dracula | Dreadpool | Doctor Bong | Doctor Doom | Doctor Octopus | Erik Killmonger | Fixer | Frightful Four | Grizzly | Hand | Hit-Monkey | Humbug | HYDRA | Hydro-Man | Juggernaut | Kingpin | Klaw | Lady Deathstrike | Loki Laufeyson | Mad Thinker | Magneto | Masters of Evil | Mephisto | Mister Negative | Mister Sinister | Mysterio | Norman Osborn | Piledriver | Punisher | Sauron | Sentinels | Skrulls | Stryfe | Swarm | Taskmaster | Thunderball | Thunderbolts | Tiger Shark | Titania | Tombstone | Trapster | Typhoid Mary | Ultimate Deadpool | Walrus | Wrecker | Wizard |

Deadpool: Deadpool | Dopinder | Ajax | Angel Dust | Agent Smith
Deadpool 2: Deadpool | Cable | Dopinder | Firefist | Juggernaut | Essex Corp (Headmaster) | Black Tom Cassidy | Sergei Valishnikov | Omega Red

            Black Panther (1998).pngVillains

Absorbing Man | A.I.M. | Apocalypse | Batroc the Leaper | Constrictor | Cottonmouth | Doctor Doom | Doctor Faustus | Electro | Erik Killmonger | Fu Manchu | Green Goblin | HYDRA | Hydro-Man | Jack O' Lantern | Killer Shrike | Klaw | Kraven the Hunter | Loki Laufeyson | Magneto | Man-Ape | Mephisto | Morlun | Nightmare | Nightshade | Norman Osborn | Piledriver | Porcupine | Psycho-Man | Quicksilver | Radioactive Man | Red Ghost | Rhino | Sabretooth | Shocker | Skrulls | Super-Apes | Thunderball | Tiger Shark | Ultron | Whirlwind | Zombie Giant-Man | Zombie Hulk | Zombie Iron Man | Zombie Spider-Man | Zombie Wolverine

Erik Killmonger | Ulysses Klaue | W'Kabi | M'Baku | Linbani | Linda | Dave | Sambisan Militants (Sambisan Captain) | Winter Soldier | Helmut Zemo | N'Jobu

Klaw | Juggernaut | Batroc the Leaper | Radioactive Man

           Marvel avengers academy game logo.pngVillains

Absorbing Man | Aftershock | Arcade | Blackout | Brainchild | Gorilla Man | Grizzly | Korvac | Mandrill | Mentallo | Norman Osborn | Sinister Six | Slug | Taskmaster | Vermin | Whirlwind | Worthy

           IMG 20190517 084619.jpg Villains

J. Jonah Jameson | Green Goblin | Kingpin | Norman Osborn | Owl | Purple Man

Season 1: Kilgrave | Will Simpson | Dorothy Walker | Audrey Eastman
Season 2: Alisa Jones | Karl Malus | Pryce Cheng | Trish Walker | Dorothy Walker | Turk Barrett
Season 3: Trish Walker | Gregory Sallinger | Dorothy Walker

           IMG 20190519 081722.jpg Villains

Abomination | Absorbing Man | A.I.M. | Anti-Venom | Apocalypse | Arcade | Arnim Zola | Avalanche | Baron Mordo | Baron Strucker | Baron Zemo II | Bastion | Batroc the Leaper | Black Cat | Blackheart | Blob | Boomerang | Brotherhood of Evil Mutants | Bullseye | Carnage | Crimson Dynamo | Dark Avengers | Doctor Doom | Doctor Octopus | Dormammu | Dracula | Electro | Enchantress | Executioner | Fixer | Frost Giants | Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) | Grim Reaper | Hammerhead | The Hand | Hela | Hellfire Club | High Evolutionary | HYDRA | Hydro-Man | Ironclad | Jack O' Lantern | Juggernaut | Kraven the Hunter | Kurse | Lizard | Loki Laufeyson | M.O.D.O.K. | Madame Masque | Madame Viper | Magneto | Malekith the Accursed | Man-Ape | Mandarin | Masters of Evil | Maximus | Mephisto | Mister Sinister | Morgan le Fay | Morlun | Mysterio | Mystique | Nebula | Nitro | Red Skull | Ronan the Accuser | Sabretooth | Sandman | Sauron | Sebastian Shaw | Selene Gallio | Shocker | Sinister Six | Surtur | Thanos | Thunderball | Titanium Man | Toad | U-Foes | Ultron | Umar | Vapor | Vector | Venom (Mac Gargan) | Vulture | Whiplash | Wrecker | X-Ray | Ymir

Leatherface (OG)
Edward Hyde
The Chairstealer
Walter Sullivan
Vlad the Impaler
Audrey II
Albert Wesker
Dominic Greene
Chase Young
Benjamin Willis
Randall Flagg
Alex DeLarge
Count Dracula (Book)
Jerome Valeska
Lord Shen
Bill Cipher
Tate Langdon
Oogie Boogie
Dr. Venom
Krampus (Krampus)
Joker (Nolanverse)
Sauron (M-E)
General Grievous
Norman Osborn (Marvel)
Jaws (007)
It (Stephen King)
Ridley (Metroid)
Venom (Marvel)
Santánico Pandemónium
Judge Doom
Scorpion (MK)
Gendo Ikari
Victor Krane
Napoleon (AF)
Tony Montana
Candyman (CM)
Skeletor (H-M)
Immortan Joe
Davy Jones (POTC)
Erik Killmonger (MCU)
Rattlesnake Jake
William Wharton
M. Bison
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