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Norton Sparkles was the main antagonist of the first season and a secondary ntagonist for Seasons 2-3 in the YouTube web cartoon series, The Big Lez Show. He was the archenemy of his older half brother Lezly "Big Lez" Mackeral throughout the first two seasons of the series, and the second son of Laranox, the king of Kingdom Cum.


In his youth, Norton lived with his dad, King Laranox, and older brother Lezly. The two brothers were good friends up until when his dad announced that he was choosing who he was going to give the crown to. When Norton and Leslie celebrated at a nightclub, Norton spiked Leslie's drink with an unknown drug to sabotage Leslie's chances of becoming king, but Leslie does the same thing. They don't remember what happened that night, only that when they woke up their dad was standing over them, showing them the damage that they had caused to Horizon's End city, the capital of Kingdom Cum.

As punishment, they were locked in a spacecraft to drift through space forever. However, they soon came across planet Earth and crash-landed in Australia. Once there however, they went their separate ways, yet somehow ended up living on the same street years later.