The Nosakamata are the elite soldiers of the Gedoshu and antagonists in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


They are monsters from the Sanzu River (think of it as Asian equivalent to River Styx) that resemble tremendous, skull-like, eyeless, crocodile heads on two legs, and can shoot fireballs from their mouths. There is also a type of Nosakamata naturally born giant, known as the Ōnosakamata, which are.

The Shinkenger movie features blue-skinned versions of the Nosakamata under the command of Manpuku Aburame and his Kusare Gedoshu, the Kusare Nosakamata.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku features an elite type of black-skinned Nosakamata called the Strengthened Nosakamata and the Strengthened Ōnosakamata.

Western Counterpart

In Power Rangers franchise, Nosakamata are renamed and reformatted as Spitfangs. They are Nighlok's foot soldiers that resemble skull-like, eyeless, crocodile-heads with arms and legs. They can breathe fire which can be quite readily. Like the Japanese counterparts, Spitfangs can be enlarged to fight the Zords. They were all destroyed by the Samurai Rangers or transported to the Netherworld after Master Xandred's death.


  • The word sakamata (逆叉) is the archaic name for the orca, the animal that is the basis of the shachihoko.


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