Nosferatu was a villain from the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Midnight Madness".


The theater where Pete and Katie worked was in danger of being shut down, when Dr. Vink showed up saying that he could save it and keep it open, by having the theater show one of his movies, a rare version of the classic vampire movie Nosferatu . Vink promised that his film would have brought a lot of audience and would have saved the business. In exchange, all he asked was that if his film had been successful, he would have got to show his other films in the theater one night a week. Pete and Katie's boss, Mr. Kristoff, agreed, but as soon as the doctor left, he stated that he would not show the movie.

One night, the movie they were showing burnt, so they had to show Vink's movie to keep the audience there. The audience loved it and said that they would have returned the next night. Vink soon resurfaced to get his end of the bargain, but Mr. Kristoff no longer wanted to honor their deal. The theater continued to do well, while Pete began to study the movie in an effort to figure out why it was so popular. Instead he fell asleep and thought he dreamt that Nosferatu came out of the screen. Later, Kristoff is heard screaming from his office. Pete and Katie found him unconscious, with a bite in his neck.

It is revealed that Nosferatu himself came out of the movie to get them. After they ran away from him, Katie started showing the movie. The vampire went to follow Pete, who had stepped into the film. In the movie, Pete opened the curtains, exposed the vampire to sunlight, and killed him. Pete stepped out of the film, and discovered that Kristoff was still alive. Dr. Vink reappeared, and Kristoff told him that he accepted their deal. Vink refused however, informing them that he had purchased the theater, and that he would be showing his movies whenever he wanted.

He is based on Count Orlok from the movie Nosferatu.

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