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If you can be said to be a true friend to this man, then take heed. For when this man's ambition collapses, Death will pay you a visit. A death you can never escape!
~ Nosferatu Zodd

Nosferatu Zodd is a major antagonist in Berserk. A legendary swordsman, Zodd is a Apostle and a powerful warrior, known for killing thousands.

In Japanese, Zodd has been voiced by the late Kenji Utsumi, and Kenta Miyake. In English, he has been voiced by J David Brimmer and Imari Williams.


I've not yet tasted enough! I have not had my fill!!!
~ Nosferatu Zodd's hunger for fighting.

Nosferatu Zodd is a nightmarish foe on the battlefield. With his life purely dedicated to battle, he seeks powerful foes and adores fighting, leaving most who fight him dead. Even when his foes were outmatched by him, he continues a deadly assault. His main goal is to find a worthy rival, or as he calls them, the "ultimate strong one". Unlike his fellow apostles, Zodd doesn't eat human flesh or is overly sadistic. He also finds no pleasure in killing weak foes. He also is disappointed at his own strength and his fruitless search for powerful rivals, and those who are able to survive a encounter with him and hold their own against him are given a huge amount of respect.


For around three hundred years, Zodd has been known throughout as a "battlefield god", vanishing for years only to return, continue his carnage, and vanish once more. Offering to serve the Tudor Empire in the war against Midland, he meets Guts when he was protecting a citadel, slaying fifty members of the Band of the Falcon. Guts confronts him, only to be knocked back. Complimenting his strength, the two begin their duel, with Guts succeeding in a risky gamble by chopping through Zodd's blade and cutting his shoulder. Noting of Guts being the first man to damage him in three centuries, Zodd transforms into his Apostle form, eager to fight his new rival. However, Zodd overpowers him and attempts to kill him, only to be distracted by a group of reinforcements lead by Griffith. Annoyed at this sudden assault, he easily wrecks house on the forces, only against Guts and Griffith in the end. Demanding a fight, Guts and Griffith manage to attack in a pincer strike, cutting through his torso and cutting off a arm. Using his tail, Zodd knocks Griffith into a pillar and with it, unconsciousness. Thrilled at this fight, he originally plans to destroy Griffith, only to stop when seeing Griffith's Crimson Beherit. Knowing the importance of his foes, he warns Guts of a surefire demise when Griffith fails at his dream before leaving.

At Battle for Doldrey, Zodd throws his sword at Guts to use when his breaks. He leaves after Boscogn's defeat, noting the coming Eclipse.

He is later seen a year later, finding the Falcons as they fight Wyald. With Zodd disliking Wylad's treachery and using Griffith as a hostage, he kills him. Telling Griffith that his Crimson Beherit will come back to him, he tells of the coming revealed truth before flying off once more.

After Griffith invokes the fifth Eclipse, Zodd stays in the physical world, not interested in destroying the Falcons. Awaiting Skull Knight, he fights him after the knight fought he was guarding the gate to the Eclipse. Loosing the fight, Zodd lets him pass. After Skull Knight's escape with Guts and Casca, Zodd notes his surprise with Guts' survival, he postpones their duel before letting them leave, also wondering how Guts will manage to survive in a world that's more deadly than ever.

Another two years pass, with Zodd being bored of fighting weak foes. Sitting on a mountain of bested mercenaries, Zodd thinks of strong foes to fight, only into fighting Skull Knight. While thinking of trying to find Guts, the Falcon of Light appears suddenly in a vision, with Zodd commencing a fight with it. A hasty defeat falls his foe, with Zodd awakening to find a broken horn and a bleeding forehead. Staring into the sky, he hears a voice telling him to go to Albion to find "the desired". At the city's destruction, Zodd finds Skull Knight among the outskirts of the city. Traveling to Albiion at dawn to find a reformed Griffith, Zodd bows to his powerful master, kills a group of Kushan soldiers, and flies out with Griffith. Taking him to the Hill of Swords, Guts arrives to fight the White Falcon, before Zodd stops the duel to have his turn. Excited to fight Guts and desiring to keep Griffith safe, Zodd has his fight, noting his foe's honed strength. He transforms once more and continues the fight, destroying a cave. However, Griffith calls off the fight, with Zodd carrying him away.

He later appears in armor when Griffith attacks a powerful Kushan invasion armor, defeating both many soldiers and some apostles. Griffith sends him, Grunbeld Arcbeast, and other demons on the assault to kill Flora. Grunbeld fights Guts, and Zodd fights Skull Knight. When seeing Guts' newfound strength when wearing the Berserker Armor, Zodd reminisces of previous fights with his rival, and wonders if he walks the same path as Guts. Zodd and Skull Knight then stop their duel to watch Berserker Guts.

Later, Zodd fights Guts in Vritannis, where he leads a army against Emperor Ganishka and the Kushan pishacha army. He joins forces with Guts to defeat Ganishka, but both fail to defeat their foe alone. Telling his rival of their delayed duel, Guts learns of Griffith being ready to fight Ganishka himself, but Zodd threatens him with death he fights him. Guts accepts this small truce, with Zodd leaving to meet Griffith again.

Days later, Zodd flies with Griffith into the final battle against Ganishka, present at ground zero of the Great Roar of the Astral World. After Falconia's birth, Griffith, Zodd, and the Band of the Falcon fight with the jötnar forces. Zodd defeats a massive hydra sent after him with Irvine's and Grunbeld's help, with him and his friends returning to Falconia after.




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