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Such a pity, only knowing revenge. Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful little thing known as humiliation.
~ Nouhime.
I am the wife of the Demon King!
~ Nouhime's victory pose.

Nouhime (Japanese: 濃姫) is an antagonist in the Samurai Warriors video game series. She is the daughter of Dōsan Saitō and the wife of Nobunaga Oda.


Nō is a sadistic woman and a chaotic battler. Her father arranged for her to marry Nobunaga so she could assassinate him. She does not immediately agree to the request and tries to judge whether he is not worth living. In her relationship with Nobunaga, even after her father died, she was still fascinated by him and still struggled with her judgment. She followed her lover in Okehazama and assisted in besieging her hometown of Inabayama Castle. Her decision to give up her relationship with Mino made Oichi confused, but Nō's confidence later motivated the girl to perform similar loyalty to Azai at Anegawa. In the final action of the battle, Nobunaga left Oichi's fate in the hands of Nō.

When Nō killed the princess, Nobunaga would have difficulty seeing his sister's ending, but accepted his wife's decision to let Oichi die at Nagamasa Azai. However, Nō remained loyal to her lover and rescued him at Honnōji and Azuchi Castle. Her complete dedication surprised Mitsuhide Akechi, who hoped she could open Nobunaga, but she disappointed him. Feeling that her purpose has been fulfilled, Nō intends to leave Oda until Nobunaga proposes to let her stay with him. Choose to let Oichi live with Nō instead of killing Nagamasa. Nō proves that this girl can live in pain by giving up her chance to join her loved one in the afterlife. Nobunaga found her unpleasant but interesting reason, claiming that he will continue to pay attention to her.

After Nobunaga's influence rose, Nō took her sincere desire to kill her husband at Honnōji. However, the Nobunaga expected her attack and left a double blow. Running and obsessed with killing her partner, Nō prevented anyone who tried to take the honor away from her and chased Nobunaga down in Gifu castle. When she finally nailed him to a deadly blow, Nō was fascinated by her sheer rule of the helpless partner and allowed him to live. Due to her loyalty to husband, Nō had surely as paying to sacrifice for anythings else, which she presidence Nobunaga owes sense even more without fears. At soon from Honnōji, Nobunaga was murdered by the Akechi forces, Nō and the Oda ladies are saved by the Saika Renegades during their escaped from battleground.

For nothing captivity, the Saika forces escorting them to leaving. Upon Nobunaga was still alive, Nō talking to Mitsuhide and Hanbei, with she thinks about her husband is out of danger in Okehazama. Nobunaga eventually took over the captial, Kyoto, which he memorizes his point by abusing his powers. In Honnōji, Nō later defending the route for her husband as she fights with the Akechi forces. She also defeats Hideyoshi and his wife, Nene, and turning on away to performed danced with ladies.





  • Nouhime's Dynasty Warriors counterpart is Lady Zhen.
  • Dosan ordering Nō to assassinate her husband is also mentioned sporadically in the Nobunaga's Ambition series. During the PlayStation version of Tenshoki, she is portrayed by a live actress who accepts an ebony tantō from her father and swears to "kill the fool".