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People need a compass. For adepts, that compass is Sumeragi.
~ Nova
You see, The Muse has the ability to control people's minds. While my psychokinesis grants me dominance over physical matter. Those are the two building blocks of life. I now control both. I have become omnipotent! With this power, I can control adepts all over the world. Both adepts and humans are all weaklings compared to me now... Under my rule, I will protect the weak and give them peace. That's right... I am the ultimate ruler! The Heavenly Emperor! I AM SUMERAGI!!
~ Nova to Gunvolt.
When you talk about ideals... a plan in which nobody gets hurt would clearly be the best. But that's... mere rubbish.
~ Nova

Nova Tsukuyomi, also known as Shiden Tsukuyomi in Japan, is a high-ranking adept lieutenant of the Sumeragi Group and presented as one of the main antagonists of the video game Azure Striker Gunvolt. He is the one in charge of the conglomerate's "Project Muse" and has seven other adepts under his command that Gunvolt fights. He seeks The Muse's Anthem to control all of the world's adepts.

Nova is voiced by Ayumu Murase in Japanese and by Chris Nelson in English.



Originally a orphan, Nova was raised by Sumeragi, used as a test subject in Project Gunvolt to create the Azure Striker. Despite his high predicted power, Nova was unable to gain this power, instead given Psychokinesis, a powerful septima that can control physical matter and energy through thought alone. Nova eventually rose to command over Sumeragi's Adept Defense Task Force, and was selected to control Project Muse.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

At some point, Joule is freed by Gunvolt, leading Nova to start the search for her. After learning of Zonda's defeat, and although originally thinking it was QUILL's doing, he finds out that Copen was behind it. Dismissing him as a threat, he hopes that he and Quill destroy each other before demanding they turn attention to finding Lumen.

Later on, he convinces Elise to join their side and revive his henchmen before sending Merak to kidnap Joule. Merak delivers her to him, but Gunvolt follows chase. After Gunvolt destroys a tank, Nova contacts him and introduces himself, thanking him for keeping the Muse safe and offering a reward. Gunvolt denies the reward, Nova reveals his intent to control the world's adepts through The Muse's songs, and says that he's looking forward to their duel before hanging up their call.

Heading to the Firmament and beating his enemies once more, Gunvolt meets up with Nova, revealing his complete control over The Muse. Noting of Copen's father's help to their goal, Nova eventually uses Lumen to create a invincible shield around him. Gunvolt's demands for Nova to cease his meddling fall on deaf ears, as Nova claims what he does is for peace, controlling adepts to not have them run amok. Despite him agreeing on being another way to do this, the world's corporations want Sumeragi's technology, and for the nation to survive, they must use it.

Nova powering up.

Gunvolt eventually lowers his defenses, much to the admiration of Nova. Nova then absorbs both Joule and three Glaives, teleporting them both to space while also giving Nova a new, weaponized form. Declaring his might to save the nation and destroy his foe, Nova summons his drones before attacking him. Through this final fight, Nova explains The Muse's mind control abilities, and combined with his septima, Nova deems himself a god, and desiring peace to the planet by controlling all adepts. Gunvolt is naturally angered by this further, saying that Nova has no right to do so before vowing to kill him and free his friend.

Despite all this power, Nova is eventually defeated. Shocked at his failure, Nova warns of impending chaos through rebellion and of Gunvolt learning only devastation from his defeat before exploding into pieces.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Despite his demise, several members of Sumeragi mourn his loss as it lowers Japan's defenses by a huge margin, something Eden uses to rise to power. Zonda also mentions his Diva Project and how she took advantage of it by merging with Joule.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Nova appears as a obtainable sticker in Mighty Gunvolt Burst, obtainable by clearing the "Full Marks" challenge.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime

Nova appears in the OVA after Gunvolt's attack, using the attack as propaganda of the danger of Adepts. Six months after this, Nova is seen at a Lumen concert backstage, telling some technicians to stay alert. It is revealed here that The Muse's song is of no effect to Nova due to his powers being sealed in a Glaive. He then leaves to Building One, where he expects something awful to occur.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Justice Rage

Nova's Remembrance

This track begins with a younger Nova in the Project Gunvolt tests, attempting to use the Azure Striker ability to no avail. Displeased at his failure, a scientist orders another to find another ability to give him, this one being more likely to work. The track concludes on Nova's thoughts, thinking that only he deserves the honor of Azure Striker.

Glaive Wielders

Nova is awoken by Jota, noticing his restless sleep. Assuring him that he was only remembering the past and remarking how much he likes Sumeragi's cars, he gets out with him and walk to their destination. Noticing the damaged streets, Nova wonders if gangs are responsible for the attack. Jota brushes it off as old damage by adepts who don't know how powerful they can be, requesting him to take note of this. Nova disagrees, despite Jota's requests. Thinking Project Muse is the best plan to go with currently, before approving of Jota's support. They then talk about the search for Viper, with Jota disapproving of him due to lack of a cause, something Nova disagrees, still exited on using him for his good. Noting of all of the Adept's control using glaives, and even with his glaive, Nova can use his septima regardless, much to Jota's surprise. Asking to keep this secret, Jota agrees, noting his dislike of them due to them showing his pride and hoping of them being soon to be unneeded. The two then chase after someone calling out for Nova.

Flame and Water

Finding the source of the voice to be a unnamed water adept fighting Viper, the former receiving a crushing defeat. Nova praises the man before revealing his status. Viper refuses the following offer, and fights Nova.

Justice & Rage

Nova defeating Viper.

However, Nova easily defeats Viper, much to the latter's anger. Not agreeing with Viper's distaste for it, he offers a place at Sumeragi again, noting that with it, his powers will find good use. Viper refuses once more, Nova leaves his business card, and leaves.

Armed Blue Gunvolt


The track begins with Nova being contacted by Merak, informing him of a message that warns on a attack on the national barrier for Japan. At first, Nova thinks this is a mere prank, but after learning it to be from Eden, Nova admits they can't ignore this threat before Merak leaves, awaiting other orders.

Left to his own devices, Nova monologues on the bold move, believing the attack to be a mere distraction. Regardless, he seeks to destroy this threat.

Track 8


Track 9




  • Unlike his fellow swordsman with their symbolism over one sin, Nova represents all sins in general.
  • Despite Nova controlling The Muse throughout the fight, their Anthem can still activate on Gunvolt's death.
  • Nova is the only adapt that uses more than more glaive, using three.
  • Following the car naming theme with the other members of the Sumeragi Seven, he is named after the Chevrolet Nova.
  • Nova was originally the CEO of Sumeragi, but this was scrapped due to him being too young for it to seem realistic.
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