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November Annabella "Nova" Terra, also known as Agent X41822N is a female terran ghost and the Dominion's top assassins.


Early Life

Born into the Terra family, Nova spent her lifetime knowing her empathetic emotions about Terran Confederacy's fall. Despite falling into Ghost Program, she was able to read the minds about the past and the present realizing that her father prevented her from using her psychic powers.

Wings of Liberty

After months of Ghost training, Nova was hired by the dominion to hunt down Raynor's Raiders and the Spectre Rogue Society. Disregarded by Tosh's acceptance, Nova was engrossed with Jim Raynor because the Spectres wanted to free the prisoners in New Folsom. But if Raynor makes a decision with her, she'll lead a strike force against Tosh's specters.

Heart of the Swarm

In 2506, after the Xel'naga artifact deinfested Sarah Kerrigan, Nova led an attack force to search for her. Disgusted by Raynor's distress, he managed to defend Sarah from being killed, but her fate would be unknown.

Nova Covert Ops

Many years after the War Against Amon, Nova's role has changed as a hero. Emperor Valerian Mengsk sends Nova to stop the Defenders of Man from using the Psi Emitters to lure the Feral Zerg on defenseless planets so they'll be painted as heroes and show that Valerian was weak in his rule.


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