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Nova (ノ ー バ Noba) is a ghost-like Saucer Kaiju from the fourty-ninth episode of Ultraman Leo and the last saucer to invade Earth.


Ultraman Leo

Nova is the last few Flying Saucer Beasts left of the Commander Black. He landed on Earth in a park, and quickly transformed into a little white Teru Teru Bozu. An angry Tooru Uemuda immediately found little Nova, and told her that she wanted it to rain. Tooru hung Nova from the tree, and left her there when General Otori found her. Later that night, a drunk man came and started hitting Nova. Nova turned red, and gasped the man, driving him insane.

The next day was bright, so Tooru returned to Teru Teru Bozu to cut off his head. He was surprised that it turned red, but still tried to cut off his head. After Nova dodged the scissors, suddenly they grew a little bigger and wrapped around Tooru's neck. Nova told Tooru that she would let her see her mother, father, and sister again, and told her to take a walk around town spraying people with gas. The police immediately cornered Tooru and was about to shoot him, but soon Gen and his caretakers came to stop them. Nova starts to choke Tooru, but Gen knocks him out. Nova then grew into a giant and began to attack the city.

Nova destroyed many tanks and planes, and started spraying poison gas everywhere. Gen changed to Ultraman Leo, and started fighting him. While being a challenge at first, Leo causes the poison gas to disappear, allowing Leo to fight Nova without a hitch. Leo kills Nova with Leo Kick, and all the crazy people go back to normal.

Ultraman Mebius

Nova first appeared before the GUYS crew on a dark night in the parking lot, scaring them off with giggles, but it was small and very strange, and then disappeared in front of them. Unbeknownst to GUYS, Nova has manipulated the nanotechnology used to animate Lim Eleking to make a duplicate of himself to distract GUYS while the original is chasing GUYS HQ.

The next day, Maquette Nova appeared at an open construction site. GUYS attacked him, but only spewed red smoke towards them. Ultraman Mebius appears and starts attacking the monster, until he disappears like the Monster Maquette. Realizing about Nova's control of nanotechnology and now how dangerous the real Nova is to be close to their base, Mebius moves himself to Nova's location and the real battle begins. Initially, Nova defeated Mebius, but Miclas came to Mebius' aid, and weakened Nova. After that, Mebius recovered and used his Mebium Shoot to destroy Nova once and for all.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Nova partners with the monsters Saramandora and Lunaticks and the three monsters guard the military base which has the supplies ZAP SPACY needs for their ships. Rei sends Gomorrah as ZAP SPACY takes the parts they need. Initially Nova tried to ensnare Gomora with her whip, but Gomora easily destroyed Nova,

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Nova reappears in the film Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie as one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Soldiers. He is first seen rising from the ground in a shot of Monster Graveyard with King Joe Black, Verokron, Gomess, Alien Baltan, and Antlar. He then teamed up with Gan-Q, King Pandon, Verokron, Doragory, King Joe Black, Eleking, Banpira, Alien Guts, Alien Metron and Fire Golza to take on Ultraseven. He was accidentally killed along with Doragory by Belial's Belial Geno Thunder during the final battle.

Ultraman Ginga

Nova participated in the Dark Spark War battles with various monsters against Ultras until she was turned into a Spark Doll by Dark Lugiel.It's likely he returned to space in his original form after Ultraman Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel.

Ultraman Orb

Then appeared in the twenty-second episode where it first appeared real in its small size, associating with Black Directive as his little lucky charm and with Alien Pitt Myu. Black Directive plans to close its cafe and go to another planet with Nova to start over. However, Nova did not give up on her dream and grew into a giant form so that it could rampage throughout the city. After being questioned by the SSP, the Black Directive decides to join Nova in their dream and enters her with her crystal ball and decides to attack the city with her eye laser.

Seeing the devastation that occurred, Gai Kurenai transformed into Ultraman Orb Burnmite form to face and fight Nova. Nova initially confused the Ultra with his cute sound and movements, leaving Orb wide open for attacks from his whip. This did not hold Orb for long, and he released his fiery rage at the Beast Saucer, where Nova was unfazed and knocked down the hero with a burst of his eyes.

Aiming to end the fight quickly, Orb tried to finish off the monster with his Stobium Dynamite, but Nova tricked him with his teleport ability, then grabbed Orb and sprayed him with his Red Crazy Gas. Orb ignored her and fought back, closing Nova's eyes, preventing the doll-like Kaiju from seeing. However, Nova ignored him and took control again with his whip and gas. Deciding to get serious, Orb transformed into his Orb Origin form.

In his form, after blocking Nova's laser eye with his sword, Orb fired Orb Supreme Calibur at the monster, which was trying to absorb the attack. Nova succeeded, but Orb's power was too much to handle, and died.


  • Nova is the first and, thus far, the only Saucer Beast in Ultraman Leo that has become a recurring monster.


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