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Men from the old Shocker, we welcome you. Your heroism of discarding the system of the old and choosing us shall last eternity! World conquest - such was an ambition of the old Shocker. How foolish. What meaning would conquering the world have? From here on! We shall reborn by forging the largest conglomerate entity in the world! What we seek to rule is not mere land masses of Earth. An enterprise that reigns over world economy: that name, shall be Nova Shocker!
~ Urga addresses as he admits former agents of Shocker into his rank

Nova Shocker is an evil splinter organization of the original Shocker seeking to control the world economy and one of the two main antagonist factions in the movie Kamen Rider 1.


Nova Shocker was formed by ex-members of the original Shocker organization. In order to control the world from the economic area, the organization registered as a company and used their Nova Energy System to absorb all the energy in Japan, forcing the Japanese government into an unequal treaty of electrical exchange. However, Nova Shocker continued to cause outages and pollution.

All the while, Nova Shocker was attempting to obtain the Alexander the Great Eyecon, competing with both the Kamen Riders and the original Shocker for possession of it. They later succeeded when Urga took the Eyecon after it was released from Mayu's body. However, after obtaining it, Urga was overtaken by the Eyecon's power and went on a destructive rampage, killing Igura in the process. Thus, Kamen Riders 1, Ghost and Specter teamed up with Ambassador Hell of Shocker to stop the rampaging Urga.

After Urga was defeated, Nova Shocker ultimately lost most of its power and influence and dissolved.




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