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The Novosibirsk Rioters are a faction that is referenced to in the main storyline of Metro Exodus during the underground section in Novosibirsk, known as the Dead City Level. They are the main antagonist force against Slava Khlebnikov during the events of the Metro Exodus DLC Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels.


The rioters are mainly a populace/civilian collective from what's referenced to as 'Dirty Stations'.

During the "Green Stuff" shortages at the beginning of 2035, a Civil War broke out between OSKOM and the population of the Novosibirsk Metro as the military at the time were confiscating supplies of "Green Stuff", thus also removing the wealth of the dwellers. This originally was to support the evacuation of the metro system as their reserves were slowly running out, however, with such small amount of supplies it was found there was not enough to support a full evacuation.

No ideology, leadership. or structure is commented on for the rioters. It is unknown if they follow a certain doctrine of command structure. However, it can be noted that the rioters do follow quite organized battle tactics, using flanking maneuvers and even crossing the surface in order to attack OSKOM's main station, Krasny Prospekt, during Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels

Rioter corpses during Artyom's exploration after the war occurred shows that the rioters utilized DDSHK gun-carts, and were also able to actively disable and destroy OSKOM's armored railcars with improvised RPGs.


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