Yes, yes! I can do it! I'll fix my life's clock!
~ Noximilien just before he becomes Nox
Farewell, Yugo the Eliatrope.
~ Nox's last words.

Nox is the main antagonist from Season 1 of the French cartoon series Wakfu, which is based on the game of the same name.

He desires to take all of the Wakfu from the world, or at least enough of it, to power the Eliacube, a small cube of incredible power that appears to speak to him, and go back in time to save his family from death. Because he is trying to go back in time, he is ruthless in the pursuit of his goal and takes many lives in his quest to gather Wakfu (life force/energy), as he believes that when he goes back in time, all that he has done will be undone.

He is voiced by Benjamin Pascal in french dub. In the english version is dubbed for Arthur Bostrom on first season, later Kaiji Tang it is who replaces it from the season three.



Before his descent into the maniacal and ruthless Xelor known as Nox, Noximilien Coxen was a human inventor and Horologist who had a wife and three children whom he loved dearly. They also had a pet dog (dogs are called bow-wows in Wakfu) named Igole.

Despite the happiness that his family brought him, he was depressed that he could not provide for his family financially; he often had to negotiate with his landlord over his accumulating debt. While showing off his latest invention - a protable clock that can fly - to his family on a beach, his invention becomes erratic and flies off and Igole chases after it. Noximilien runs after them and finds them in a cave, where he stumbles upon the Eliacube and witnesses itits extraordinary power when it fixes his invention - against his wife's advice.

Noximilien takes the Eliacube back to his workshop to study. Unfortunately though, the Eliacube seems to affect those who come into contact with it- both Noximilien and Igole become increasingly obsessed by the Eliacube. The obsession reaches a point where Noximilien and Igole barely eat or sleep and no longer see his family. Over time, his body to begins deteriorate into a skeletal state. His wife eventually leaves him when she realises she cannot get through to him, leaving a note that she and the children have gone to stay with her sister and he is welcome to rejoin them when he has given up the Eliacube. When he finally leaves his workshop, he discovers his house to be abandoned and finds the note written by his wife.


Nox as a human, about to reveal his latest invention.

Just as it seems he is about to go and join them, he is lured back into his workshop by the whizzing machines. Later, his landlord brings him the tragic news that his wife and children were killed in a flood. Noximilien, already halfway insane by this point, is driven over the edge by grief and rage. In his madness, he hears the Eliacube talking to him, telling him that he can fix "his life's clock" by harnessing the power of the Eliacube to reverse time- if he just has enough Wakfu. This event marks the end of Noximilien and the rise of Nox.

Wakfu Season 1

For 200 years since that fateful day, Nox ravaged the land, absorbing Wakfu from all living things. During those 200 years, Nox built an army of machines to drain Wakfu and do his bidding while becoming a Xelor, a time mage, learning their magic so that he can try and reverse time with the power of the Eliacube- if he can get enough Wakfu. The story begins when Nox discovers the mysterious Grougaloragran (who Nox notices has massive stores of Wakfu), seemingly an old man pushing a baby in a baby carriage.

When Nox challenges Grougaloragran, he is shocked to discover that Groulagrolagran is in fact a dragon, disguised in human form. Nox loses this battle to Grougaloragran, but is determined to acquire his Wakfu one day. Grougaloragran takes the baby (named Yugo who grows up to be our protagonist) to a village where he leaves him with a man named Alibert to raise. As Grougaloragran's powers allow him to see someones' soul, he could tell that Alibert was a good man and would raise Yugo well.

Twelve years later, Nox picks up Groulagrolagran's trail once again, having discovered the now 12-year-old Yugo, who has just discovered his Eliatrope powers of being able to create portals. Nox appears and attempts to coerce information about Grougaloragran from Yugo and his friends, but is attacked in turn by an enraged Alibert and others. Nox uses a weak time-stop spell, which freezes them, but Alibert manages to break through the spell and attacks Nox. Nox decides to retreat and steals some of Alibert's Wakfu so that he can teleport away. This ages Alibert, turning his hair white.

Nox remains absent throughout much of the first part of the season, tracking Yugo's and his friend's movements as they search for Yugo's real family, with the hope that their journey would lead him to Grougaloragran. He takes a much more active role during the later episodes. He eventually tracks down Groulagrolagran on an island and engages the dragon in a devastating battle. Despite losing the battle, he manages to defeat Groulagrolagran when the dragon lets his guard down. However, he fails to take any of Groulagrolagran's Wakfu, as the dragon (unbeknownst to Nox) reincarnates elsewhere.

With Groulagrolagran seemingly dead, Nox moves on to his next target, the Tree of Life. He launches an invasion into the Sadida Kingdom, deploying both his minions and machines against the Sadida army. During the battle, Nox also deploys XII Raze-time, a powerful automaton fueled by Stasis, against the Brotherhood of the Tofu. The clockwork robot soon manages to kill Tristepin, traumatizing Evangeline and enraging Yugo in the process. In the end, Nox succeeds in his goal and reaches the Tree of Life, draining it of all its Wakfu and destroying the entire Sadida race in the process.

Nox is then attacked by a grief-stricken Yugo and his dragon brother Adamai. During their struggle, Yugo touches the Eliacube, transporting Nox's entire clock fortress (with Nox, Yugo, and Adamai inside) to Mount Zinit in the future. There, the Xelor and Eliatrope continue their duel, both now powered by the Eliacube's energy. Ultimately, Yugo proves victorious. But before he can deliver the finishing blow, he is distracted by Ogrest's roar, allowing Nox to strike while his guard was down (much like Groulagrolagran). Nox proceeds to drain Yugo of all his Wakfu and powers up the Eliacube to finally travel back in time to save his family.
Nox dissapear

Nox dissapeared.

However, Nox had severely miscalculated the amount of Wakfu needed to travel back in time, and rather than travel 200 years, he only manages to travel back 20 minutes before the Eliacube uses up all the Wakfu Nox collected over the years. Without the Eliacube or any Wakfu to power them, all of Nox's machines shut down. As he stands in the wreckage of his clock fortress, Nox proceeds to rant to the Eliacube (still believing it could talk), demanding to know why it won't let him see his family.

Yugo angrily yells at Nox for all he's done, telling him that the cube can't talk and all of his crimes were ultimately for naught. Nox proceeds to emotionally break down, only responding to Yugo's anger with tears. As the Sadida army surrounds him to finish him off, Yugo calls them off, and Nox bids him farewell as he teleports away. During the end credits for Season 1, Nox's remains are shown next to his family's graves (implying he either committed suicide or died from running out of Wakfu).

Season 2

Nox season 2

Nox during Evangelyne narration.

He is not physically present, but is seen in a flashback narrated by Evangelyne as she wrote in his diary, recalling the time in which Sadlygrove struggled the Razortemps. Once in a while he was mentioned and a Sadida boy took a mask of Nox, interpreting the day in which The Tofu Clan fought against his machines. He is later mentioned by Adamai to Qilby while they were in the Zinit.

A couple of times more, is mentioned by one of the kings who visited the Sadida Kingdom, affirming when the world was at dangerous by having the Eliacube and by Yugo with his team, went to the "Crimson Claw archipelago" in Black Ink's ship, warning them that this battle will be even more terrible and that it will not expose them to risk.

OVA: The Ice Throne

Nox equipment and machines have not been lost for everyone. Count Harebourg recovered pieces of Nox's technology to study, including Nox's damaged helmet that was formerly left at his family's graves. This is how he discovered the videos recorded by the Noxines who spied on Yugo and his friends. Thus, he was able to discover their adventures and it is in this way that Count Harebourg fell in love with Amalia without ever having met her.

Yugo recognised Count Harebourg's technology as being the same as Nox's and was alarmed when he thought Harebourg was trying to follow in Nox's footsteps, before Harebourg declared he cared about the future in contrast to Nox's desire to turn time back.

Season 3

At the beginning of the first chapter, Dally tells her daughter Elely all the adversaries she faced, being the first to mention and the xelor appear in front of her "clock lair".

He begins by talking to Yugo who immediately recognizes his voice and Nox replies that he feels flattered that he does not forget it after all years. Appears with Qilby as a kind of ghost created by a hallucination in the spirit of Yugo. Tortured in person the mind of little Eliatrope who accuses him of being dead because of him.

One of those in his fraternity realizes that Oropo is responsible for delivering the Eliacube to Nox, and take him to madness with the Ogrest chaos killing his family. Again it was mentioned, when Yugo returns to fight with Oropo.


Before the Eliacube affected him, Noximilien was a loving father and husband, and gifted and hard working inventor, although he always managed to spend quality time with his family. Once changed by the Eliacube, Nox is diabolical, manipulative, obsessive, insane, cunning, and ruthless in pursuit of his goal. He is willing to drain the Tree of Life of its Wakfu even though this will lead to the death of the entire Sadida race (a race closely linked to nature), and has likely committed similar acts in the past.

Nox marionette

Nox as a marionette with his sons.

However, he is not cruel or without conscience- he is shown to regret the harm he causes, but continues anyway, as in his insanity truely believes that with enough Wakfu he can go back in time and actions will be undone. He is also very clever and strategically minded, and is often amiable when interacting with other characters (even if he is fighting them, which creates an interesting contrast), though has little patience if he feels his goal is seriously threatened.

Despite all of the evil that he has done, when Grougaloragran looks at Nox's soul, he sees that he is still good (if only just) and tells him to stop his quest, but Nox refuses, determined to undo the damage he has caused and reverse time so that his family will live. Nox also returns the Wakfu he stole from Alibert earlier in the season. He is not entirely sure why he returned it, but it seems to be a mixture of conscience and his belief that Alibert might understand him, as Nox noticed how Alibert was willing to risk his life for Yugo- something Nox can relate to.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Xelors, Nox's main powers are time-themed. He can slow time down (to the point where it appears to be stopped), and (usually only with the power of the Eliacube), even stop it entirely. The weaker versions of this spell can be broken if the victim is particularly strong willed. The stronger versions need to be broken magically. He can teleport limited distances and also suspend himself in the air. Using the Eliacube, Nox can generate pure blasts of Wakfu as well.

Nox eliacube

Nox uses the Eliacube.

One of his greatest assets is his durability. The Eliacube seems to protect Nox, because even after he has taken blows that have destroyed his armour, Nox himself remains virtually unhurt. As the Eliacube is also likely the only thing that's holding Nox together too, he can become exhausted and too weak to use magic if he uses too much Wakfu.

Nox also has a sword and can generate a Wakfu powered shield, but always uses the least Wakfu-costly attacks as possible, in order not to use up too much of what he has collected. He will retreat rather than waste Wakfu on a fight he doesn't think will win him more Wakfu.

As he was once an inventor and watchmaker, Nox has an army of Eliacube-powered machines to aid him.

In other media

Mini nox

Nox in Mini-Wakfu

Mini Wakfu

Nox staring the short named "Mission Impossible", convincing the XII Razor-time to attack their enemies, but ends up hitting him.

Following short film, this time animated as in the 2010 special and which has the name "Attack of Tic-Tac", Nox appears seated undergoing machines that he manufactures remotely by a robot. Experiments with litters of dragon-turkey, injects them with syringes to absorb their Wakfu correctly.

Wakfu: Les Gardiens

He is the first boss of the game in seventeenth mission: Grougaloragran the Lord, meeting in the second fight of this one.

In addition, an eliatrope hat has the characteristics of the Nox helmet, and a modified version he has in his forehead the circular cavity in which he was in his chest, holding a stored sack of wakfu energy, some spheres orbit in the. The Hats is made in the Hat Workshop by following his recipes.

Roman Wakfu

Appears in some volume chapters as a recurring antagonist of adventures that not shown in the television series.

Nox in wakfu books

On "Le repaire des Roublards", after delivering their information, the stranger leaves without even asking to be paid. Ruel finds this very suspicious. His distrust is justified since it was actually Nox.

From "L’affaire est dans le sac", Yugo tries to make a portal but curiously, he does not succeed. He does not know that Messer Smisse anticipated his attempted escape. He bought a ring that blocks the powers linked to Wakfu. Yugo has no way to escape. While they were lost, time freezes in the room. Everyone seems almost motionless, only Yugo and his gang are free to move. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they fled without asking for their remains.

In reality it was Nox who discreetly gave them a helping hand. He wants them to be able to resume their quest as soon as possible in order to start following them discreetly and thus discover the location of the island of Oma. Unfortunately, the departure is not for now, they must still recover the Arc d'Evangelyne and Rubilax before they can get back on the road.

Thanks to his flying machine in "L’eau et la glace", Nox intervenes just in time to damage the Smisse's ship and force them to abandon the pursuit. Everyone is happy to have escaped unscathed, only Evangelyne is a little melancholy because she is the only one in the group who has not yet recovered what the Smisses have stolen from her. Tristepin and Ruel reassure her by saying that they will eventually get their hands on her bow. Yugo recalls that they must also recover the magic card if they want to continue their journey. The fine team has no choice, they will have to face the Smisses again.

In "Réunion de famille" the rogues have the advantage of numbers, but that is not enough to scare Yugo and his friends. During the fight, Yugo is forced to activate one of his portals to save Evangelyne. Unfortunately the cave is filled with Stasis crystals which react to the presence of Wakfu. The structure of the cave did not resist, forcing everyone to flee. Thanks to Nox’s intervention, Yugo and his friends escape unscathed while the rascals remain trapped in the temple because of the landslides.

Nox is waiting for them at the exit. At first glance, he seems pleasant, simply wishing to negotiate with Yugo: since the airships at the top of the temple are inaccessible, he offers Yugo to return his old boat to him in exchange for the Grav’Mar’Av card. Yugo refuses, so, to make him change his mind, Nox attacks Ruel by shooting him with a discharge from Wakfu. Unfortunately for him, Ruel had Stasis crystals in his Haven bag. The crystals re-examine the discharge on the ship of Nox which undergoes so important damage that it does not take long to crash. Faced with such a loss, Nox gives up the fight.


As playable character, starting with his human appearance and it is necessary to unlock his three phases, when he is already a Xelor.

Nox human krosmaga


Nox returns as a selectable character in the board game, included in the online version.

Wakfu: The Brotherhood

Appears as the main enemy in the mobile game. He is a boss who is at the last level of each sector, and we will have to fight against him. It is protected by its Gambros and Noxines that protect it from all the attacks you throw at it, so it will attack with its sword, teleporting quickly on the screen.


My children called me dad. My wife call me Milien but from now on the world will come to know me as.... Nox
~ Noximilen becomes Nox
Look at me, for example... Despite my small size, i suffer from a terrible hunger that pushes me to devour the wakfu in all things... Then my crackers find a wakfu source of immeasurable power. Enough to satitate my hunger for all eternity. But enough talk! The time has come to tell me where you draw... that formidable power from, and... what you're hiding in that cradle...
~ Nox calling the attention of the mysterious subject who turns out to be a dragon.
Greetings, I am Nox! Do as i say and everything will go, hm... Maybe not too badly. You, the kid with the blue hat. We need to have a chat, the two of us. The inn's closed. Come back tomorrow! (Evangelyne: Stay behind me, princess.) You're swift, little Cra. But not as swift as me! (Ruel: It's a Xelor, a time mage!) Precisely, my time is precious. And for me, you're no more than little bugs!
~ Nox directing himself to Yugo and his team to interrogate him
The polters are devastating. The old oak really din't enjoy my noxines' visit. But... That Kid! He's emitting incredible energy. That's impossible, no human possesses so much wakfu! And this tofu! Since when do those stupid avians concentrate it in such amounts? Ruel destroying his noxine Oh, oh! I may quite possibly have picked up the dragon's trail again!
~ Nox impressed by the qualities that Yugo possesses and the energy it harbors inside.
(Grougal: Are you stupid, Xelor? You most know your pathetic time manipulation won't affect Grougaloragran.) I really wanted to see you break my spell with the bat of an eye... it's so very impressive. (Grougal: If you want to be impressed, Grougaloragran shall not dissapoint!.) Then let the show begin!
~ Grougaloragran confronting Nox before starting the fight.
Explosion of Wakfu. Ingenious, isn't it? I got the idea from using the cube. (Grougal: The Eliacube...) fight with the Noxines (Grougal: Grougaloragran was sure that you found it. Where is it?!) What do you know about it? Where does it come from? (Grougal: Return the Eliacube to Grougaloragran or it will cause you great misfortune!) "Eliacube?" What a strange name... (Grougal: That item is too dangereous from a human like you. It can cause massive destruction if used incorrectly!) I've had the Cube for 200 years now, and now all it needs is your wakfu! mocking laugh This will harder than i tought...
~ Grougaloragran arguing with Nox about the use of the Eliacube and the very serious consequences it would cause if they misuse its power.
Already here, eh? You don't give me enough time to recover... (Grougal: You've destroyed entire countries. So long as you have the Eliacube, the balance of all things will be upset!) Don't act so high and mighty, dragon! Grougal spits fire on Nox If i succeed, no one will remeber! I'm sorry for repeating myself, but i require your energy to make it work!
~ Nox crying out for Grougal's surrender
(Grougal: It's over, Xelor.) On the contrary, the show has just begun! the mummies atacking the dragon Well then, how's the hero of our catastrophe? Grougal smile Let's see how long you canb wear that silly smile! Grougal fight with the mummies I never believed this old beast was so powerful.
~ Nox testing the strength of Grougaloragran.
(Grougal: He who lives with hatred is consumed by it.) one of the mummies traped the dragon Don't assume I'm that easy to get rid of, Grougaloragran! So far I've restrained myself, but now you'll see the true power of the Eliacube! (Grougal: Poor madman...) Nox stops the time Just in time. Well, what's the matter? Are you tired of playing with me, Funny-ragran? No need to tire yourself, you can't break this spell. Thanks to the Eliacube, it's a thousand times more powerful than I could manage alone. You were right about the Cube. It's not made for humans like me!
~ Nox speaking with Grougal in the battle.
Seduced by its powers, i realized everything. Today, it will let me correct my mistakes. But i need the largest amount of wakfu possible! Once i feed the Cube your anbd the Tree of Life's wakfu, i'll be able to do what no other Xelor has before! I will go back in time, and reverse all the harm I´ve caused before! You don't have any regrets, right, dragon? (Grougal: The Tree of Life is directly linked to the Sadidas! To destroy it means to remove an entire race from tha face of the earth! Grougaloragran feels that you are not as evil as you wish to appear, Xelor. It's not too late to stop this madness. Reversing the flow of time is not possible! You will rip apart the fabric of the world itself!)
~ Nox submitting to Grougaloragran and immobilize it to absorb its wakfu





  • Makes cameo appearance from Wakfu comic, tittle Les Larmes de sang in the page 28.
  • In the final credits of Wakfu season 1, Nox's remains and armor are seen on what appears to be his family's grave. While some have speculated that he only left his armor behind, Ankama's timeline shows that he died that year.
  • Nox isn't really evil, because he just wanted welfare for his family and not necessarily be a famous person, he simply wanted to sell his inventions to earn some money and help, revolutionizing home appliances. All his moral and ethics overflowed when he maintained contact with the Eliacube, losing trial knowing that his wife and children died. Since its inception as a Nox, he undertook the idea of returning to the past, without any other goal to achieve, even if that cost him his life or that of the rest. In the last chapter, when his whole plan collapsed, he surrendered and had no choice but to commit suicide, dismissing himself from Yugo honorably.


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