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Nuckal is a recurring antagonist in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, serving as a major antagonist in the Pilot Episodes, as a minor anti-hero in Season 1: Rise of the Snakes, and as a minor antagonist in both Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja and Season 4: The Tournament of Elements. He is the skulkin general of lightning and a former underling of Samukai as well as one of Lord Garmadon's former minions. He is also the best friend of Kruncha who is his polar opposite.

He was voiced by Brian Drummond, who also voiced Kruncha, Iron Baron, and Char in the same series itself.


Before he became a skeleton Nuckal was a warrior who was banished to the underworld after his banishment he joined the Skulkin Army eventually becoming one of it's four generals when Garmadon fell into the underworld and was confronted by Samukai and the Skulkin Nuckal was seen with Kruncha after Garmadon defeated Samukai in a duel and became the new king of the underworld Nuckal became one of his servants in the first pilot episode Nuckal Kruncha Samukai and the other Skulkin all went into the mortal realm to find the map that Sensei Wu hid before the skeletons terrorized the village Kruncha and Nuckal were having an argument on which one of them should drive the skulll truck when the duo asked Samukai if one of them deserves to drive the vehicle their superior responds by saying that Garmadon put him in charge and orders them to find the map while the other skeletons were battling Kai Nya and Wu Kruncha and Nuckal get into another quarrel in the blacksmith shop while discussing who looks better in a helmet than the other which stops when they find the map later Nya was kidnapped by the skeletons forcing Wu and Kai to p lan a rescue mission later when Kai Jay Cole and Zane were trying to hide from the Skulkin in their camp in the mines Nuckal sees a stone that resembles a donut however he is unable to eat it the ninja eventually find the map and quietly steal it from Samukai when he isn't looking they then find the scythe of quakes and try to take it but Jay makes a noise which causes Samukai and the other Skulkin to go after them during the fight the ninja learn spinjitzu Kruncha teases Nuckal telling him that Kai called him a dummy Nuckal responds by telling Kruncha that Kai called him a dummy then Kai's spinjitzu tornado passes by the two skeletons causing them to run the skeletons are then forced to retreat back to the underworld while the ninja deal with the earth dragon later in the underworld Samukai reports his failure to Garmadon who brushes it off and tells the four armed skeleton warrior to prepare himself and his troops for the next battle against the ninja throughout the pilot epsiodes the Skulkin try many attempts to defeat the ninja and steal the golden weapons but fail mostly due to some of the skeletons incompetence in one short Nuckal and Kruncha attempt to steal the golden weapons themselves but due to their foolishness and stupidity they easily get defeated and argue on the way back to the underworld blaming each other for the humiliating defeat in another short after Kai Nya and the fire dragon defeat Wyplash and his henchmen the two skeletons go to the volcano and blame each other for leaving the stove on


Nuckal has the mindset of a child he mostly acts dimwitted comical and incompetent rarely fighting that much on the battlefield however when it comes to Lord Garmadon and Samukai Nuckal is shown to be loyal but finds it difficult to follow orders like when Samukai orders him and the other Skulkin to find the map he along with Kruncha don't participate in the fight and instead insult each when wearing helmets.


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