Nuggett is a supporting character and later main antagonist of the alternate ending of Kindergarten.


Nuggett is a kid who loves nuggets so much, he even has nuggets in his hair, he befriended the protagonist by telling him he doesn't have any friend now that Billy is missing. Of course, he always digs a hole that is really deep sometimes pushing the protagonist inside killing him even if they are friends, when Lily jumps in the hole after being tricked by Cindy and the protagonist. 

Nugget bio

Nugget's bio

Miss Applegate will scold him and he jumps in the hole himself to be sure to not be caught by her, he is of course in love with Lily, but he he doesn't know how to tell her, he tried to write her a love letter, it is unfortunate that the teacher sees it and reads it much to his dismay, When the protagonist will saves Billy with Lily, Nugget will be very happy that his friend is alive.

Of course in an alternate ending after the protagonist uses a monster card, he will say that he was the mastermind behind all of it, he will bring on the apocalypse to kill everyone except the protagonist, explaining to him that he wants the game creator to do a sequel of the game with only him and the protagonist, of course the protagonist will be disgusted by his action and leave him, Nugget will then jump in the hole he dug and kill himself.