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Villain Overview

I go wherever I want to go, and no one can stop me.
~ Nui Harime
~ Nui Harime after her arms have been cut off during her fight with Ryūko Matoi.

Nui Harime is the secondary antagonist of the 2013 anime Kill La Kill. She is the Grand Couturier in service to Ragyo Kiryuin as one of her top two subordinates, alongside Rei Hōōmaru. She is also the one who killed Ryūko's and Satsuki's father, Sōichirō Kiryūin disguised as Isshin Matoi.

She was voiced by Yukari Tamura in Japanese and Stephanie Sheh (who also voiced Airy and her sister Anne in Bravely Default) in English.


Nui is a human-Life Fiber hybrid that Ragyo created 17 years prior to the series by artificially incubating her within a Life Fiber womb created from the mass of the Original Life Fiber, raised to serve as the Life Fibers as the Grand Couturier of the Kiryūin Conglomerate and REVOCS. Six months prior to the story, Nui was sent to the Matoi Residence on Ragyo's order to kill Isshin Matoi and take what he was developing, managing to fatally wound Isshin and took the half of the Rending Scissors that the scientist used to destroy her left eye. But she later learned that she failed in her mission as Isshin's actual secret weapon, Senketsu, ended up with his daughter Ryuko Matoi who resolved to track down her father's killer. This motivates Nui to target Ryuko out of frustration over Isshin making a fool out of her.

Nui makes her presence known during Honnouji Academy's Naturals Selections, interrupting Ryuko's match with Uzu Sanageyama and quickly defeating the latter by pulling out his Goku Uniform's Banshi and knocking him off the arena. She then challenges Ryuko, unveiling the stolen Scissor Blade and admitting to murder Isshin to provoke Ryuko into a state of blind rage that causes Senketsu to consume her and transform into a berserk monstrosity. Luckily, Mako Mankanshoku snaps Ryuko out of her rage while Satsuki Kiryuin bans Nui from Honnouji Academy for endangering everyone. But Nui refuses to comply and assumed the identity of banned Honnouji Academy student Shinjirō Nagita to orchestrate events so Ryuko can wear Senketsu again, overpowering a still hesitant Ryuko before cutting Seketsu into pieces. Nui was prevented from killing Ryuko by Satsuki, who confiscated all but one of the pieces of Senketsu in order to empower her forces during the Tri-City Raid Trip. During Satsuki's assault on Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka, Nui disguised herself as Satsuki's private helicopter pilot before revealing herself to relay Ragyo's wish to speak with Satsuki at the Kiryuin Manor. Nui attends Honnouji Academy's Culture and Sports Festival, a front for Ragyo to have the Life Fibers consume everyone in Honnou Town, surprised when Satsuki reveals her true intentions of stopping her mother while facing the Elite Four in their upgraded Goku Uniforms before she gets bored of them and has her clones hold them off while she fights Ryuko while revealing the full story behind Isshin's death. But Nui finds herself overpowered by Ryuko before Ragyo intervened and ripped out Ryuko's heart to reveal her as Ragyo's assumed dead daughter who was also made into a Human/Life Fiber hybrid while a newborn.

A month after the event, residing in Honnouji Academy to assemble Shinra-Koketsu, Nui aids Ragyo in taking advantage of Ryuko's mindset over the revelation of her nature to call Ryuko out to face them alone at Honnouji Academy. Nui battles Ryuko, revealing her nature as a hybrid to her while fitting her to be permanently bonded with Junketsu. Nui briefly resumes her work on Shinra-Koketsu before deciding to help the brainwashed Ryuko attack Nudist Beach, revealing separating Ryuko and Junkestu would result in the former's death before facing Satsuki while being briefly unnerved that she does not believe Ryuko there control enough to give her the other Scissors Blade. Satsuki and the others hold Nui off for Mako and Senketsu to restore Ryuko, who impales Nui to the S.S. Naked Sun with her Scissors Blade before ripping Junketsu off of herself. Nui then loses both Scissors Blades to Ryuko, who uses their combined power to permanently chop her arms off. The permanent loss of her arms drove Nui into a demented fury, retrieved and calmed down by Rei with the thought of revenge on Ryuko and Satsuki on her mind while furiously working to complete Shinra-Koketsu. Once finished, Nui receives new arms from Ragyo while accepting their lack of dexterity since she no longer need to sew. After Rei sacrifices herself to activate Shinra-Koketsu, Nui aids Ragyo in keeping Ryuko and Satsuki's forces from destroying the transmitter needed for the worldwide activation of all Life Fibers. But when the transmitter is destroyed while Ragyo is severely injured by her daughters after Rei was removed from Shinra-Koketsu, Nui accepts Ragyo's order to cast down her mortal shell and decapitate herself in order to fuse with the Primordial Life Fibre to consume and take control of it an turn herself into a kamui Ragyo wears, fusing with her. She expresses excitement of being worn by Ragyo as they make a final ditch attempt to ensure the success of their plans and humanity's annihilation. however, Nui meets her actual end when Ryuko destroy's Ragyo's kamui.

Kill la Kill: IF

In an alternate timeline caused by Junketsu influencing Satsuki's dreams after she first worn it, events play differently from the main series timeline. Nui appears during the Naturals Selection with Ragyo and Rei after Ryuko defeats Sanageyama, watching Satsuki overpower Ryuko in their match. Harime later targets Ryuko as the Tri-City Raid Trip occurs, pitting her against a Cover before leaving when she is summoned for Honnouji Academy's Culture and Sports Festival, Mind Stitching the Elite Four after Satsuki seemingly kills Ragyo before dispatching them prior to Ryuko's arrival. Harime reveals the stolen Scissors Blade and being Isshin's killer to provoke Ryuko, causing a three-way fight between them and Satsuki that ends with Senketsu sliced into pieces while Ragyo uses a gradually completed Shinra-Koketsu to inflict Mind Stitching on Satsuki and the Elite Four. Nui sends a clone of herself to kill Ryuko, only for Shirou Iori to intervene by helping restore Senketsu so Ryuki can quickly defeat the clone.

After Ryuko frees Satsuki and the Elite Four from Ragyo's Mind Stitching, she is forced to fight Nui and her clones on her own with her Scissors Blade and Satsuki's Bakuzan, using their combined power to destroy the clones and disarm Nui both figuratively and literally. The permanent loss of her arms almost drove Nui into a demented fury when Ragyo appears and bestows her new arms to fight with, later attacking Ryuko in the Life Fiber Palace after attempting to have one clone pose as Mako to catch Ryuko off-guard while having another keep Satsuki from reaching Ragyo. Nui fails to kill the sisters, making a last attempt to drive a wedge by claiming Satsuki ordered Isshin's death. But Ryuko doesn't buy it as Nui succumbs to her injuries while hinting at the true nature of Satsuki's dream reality, her lifeless body later absorbed by the Primordial Life Fiber when it defends itself against Satsuki's group.


Nui Harime seems to be a young teenage girl of medium height. She has long blond hair styled in drill-like pigtails, with smaller locks framing her face. Her eyes are sapphire blue, with highlights that resemble a smiling face.

Nui wears a richly adorned pink lolita-styled dress with matching boots and fingerless gloves. She accentuates her ensemble with a parasol, a large pink hair bow and a purple eyepatch, which covers the eye she lost in her battle against Isshin Matoi.

Her design has a prominent heart motif, such as on her collar, the center of her bow, her earrings, and even the highlights on her pigtails.


Nui has a childlike, jovial, and happy-go-lucky demeanor; always smiling, and acting very friendly and even polite with everyone, demonstrating excessive intimacy towards even Satsuki and revealing to Ryūko in a rather nonchalant way the fact that she killed her father. According to Ragyō, Nui is a free spirit and will do whatever she wants according to her whims. Her often bubbly behavior and nonchalance towards anyone that stands in her way often puts her at odds with the main cast, and can easily become bored while she playfully seeks violence to a sadistic degree.

When she finds herself injured or outmatched, she becomes more frantic, obstreperous, and aggressive, dropping all manner of her cheerful demeanor, which becomes more evident by the endgame after Ryūko cuts off her arms. Nui is also known for holding heavy grudges, like Isshin for cutting her eye out and Ryūko for cutting both her arms.

Powers and Abilities

  • Life Fibers
    • Superhuman Physical Prowess: As a Life Fibers-infused human, Nui possesses immense physical strength, speed, reflexes, durability and endurance. She is able to handle herself exceptionally well in battle, being able to effortlessly fight against the Four Devas, who were all wearing enhanced, Three-Star Goku Uniforms, fight on even grounds against Kamui-wielding fighters such as Satsuki and Ryūko and easily defeat the Nudist Beach forces. In spite of her natural strength, due to the particular nature of the Life Fibers infused in her, Nui is unable to don a Kamui, as it would have no effect on her.
    • Regeneration: As a Life Fibers/human hybrid, Nui can regenerate from any wounds and even lost limbs almost instantly, regardless of their severity. The only exception to this healing power is if Nui's entire limb is cut with either the Scissor Blades or two weapons forged from Bazukan, as they nullify Life Fiber restoration.
    • Mon-Mignon Prêt-à-Porter: One of Nui's unique skills allows her to create replicas of herself from paperdolls that can either fight her opponents or act as distractions. Although physically identical to Nui and possessing all of her abilities, the duplicates appear to be far less powerful than the original, relying mainly on their superior numbers.
    • Mind Stitching: Like Ragyo, Nui can release Life Fibers from her hands that ensnare opponents and turn them into mindless puppets.
    • Shapeshifting Arms: For the final battle, Ragyō replaced Nui's lost arms with Life Fiber replicas that can alter their shape. During the final episode, Nui's new arms transformed into blades for melee combat and bat-like wings for flight.
  • Natural Abilities
    • ​Infiltration and Disguise Skills: Nui also appears to be extremely skilled when it comes to mimicry and infiltration. She was able to completely disguise herself as Shinjirō Nagita, disguising her height, hairstyle, gender, and voice almost perfectly. She was also somehow able to create fake student data for Nagita, which appeared genuine upon inspection but disappeared immediately when she discarded her disguise. The only clue to her true identity that she apparently could not change was her eyepatch, which she instead covered up. In order to support her disguise she also used lifelike puppets to imitate the One-Star students chasing Nagita, indicating that she is also skilled at puppetry and ventriloquism.
    • Piloting Skills: Nui is also a skilled pilot, as seen when she hijacked Satsuki's personal helicopter and flew it back to the Kiryūin manor.
    • Master Sewing Skills: Being a Life Fibers/human hybrid and the Grand Couturier, Nui has a deep knowledge of how Life Fibers clothing is made, as demonstrated when she effortlessly spotted and removed Sanageyama's uniform's Banshi, dismantling the uniform. Likewise, she altered the Kamui Junketsu to be worn by Ryūko by sewing the Kamui's Life Fibers to Ryūko's own in order for the Kamui to possess her, making it extremely difficult for it to be removed from her body. She can sew high-quality garments, especially Life Fiber-based with ease, even after losing her arms as seen by her completion of the Shinra Koketsu.
    • Fingernail Hooks: The bottom edge of Nui's fingernails are lined with small hooks that can catch threads. She can use these hooks to grab and remove Banshis from uniforms.

It is also of interest to note that of the characters shown in the series thus far, she is the only one to be capable of performing reality-warping feats such as leaning upon the characteristic large red text which forms her name, and completely disregarding the space separating her from Satsuki, allowing her to run her fingers through her hair as though they were standing eye to eye, when in reality, they were many meters apart. This is most likely for artistic effect for her character rather than actual ability.

Besides the stolen Scissors Blade, Nui also uses sewing-based weaponry that include a Razor Tape Measure during her raid on Isshin's manor and a sewing needle sword during the events of Kill la Kill: IF..


  • Yukari Tamura previously played Nanoha Takamachi, the titular main heroine in Magical Lyrical Nanoha series. She also voiced Aida/Muchiri in KAMEN RIDER: memory of heroez.
  • "Nui" means sewing and "Harime" means stitch, which is an interesting nod to her sewing abilities.
  • There exists a fan theory that Nui somehow managed to escape death by possessing Mako Mankanshoku.
  • If one looks closely at Nui's good eye, it is noticeable that the glints and glimmers in it form the shape of a grinning devil-like mask, with horns.

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