Nukus is the main antagonist of Beetleborgs Metallix. He is a creation of Les Fortunes, the overlord of the second dimension. Hid away in Art Fortune's vault until the Magnavores took the picture and Vexor brought him to life. Nukus quickly set a plan to dispose the Magnavores and took over as the new villain.

He broke Les out of jail to use the artist's skills to create lethal monsters that could be brought to life with the use of his sword. He had an advantage over the Beetleborgs as he destroyed both the paper he came out of and the copy Art Fortunes owned. Nukus is the one who destroyed all of the original Beetleborgs' powers and arsenal.

He later gained a Mega form, Mega Nukus, from touching Les Fortunes' transmographier device which he destroyed soon after to ensure no one else received a upgrade from it. 

He is portrayed by Christopher Cho, who voiced Dark Specter in Power Rangers in Space.


Nukus is a red humanoid triceratops with large shoulder pads and a long red cape.